Lets You Watch A Concert Or Event From Multiple Angles (With Perfect Sound)

Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Vinny, CTO of FanFootage (YCombinator 09 batch alumni with a different music company).With, fans can watch an event from multiple angles and jump between angles.

For every video uploaded to us, that fan gets their video back sounding perfect.Fans like to capture their personal memories at gigs. Unfortunately most of these videos get deleted shortly afterwards because they sound so bad. Its easy to watch any videos with great audio, but videos with poor audio is unwatchable. They may get uploaded to Youtube where they now make the artist’s work sound poor. Sophisticated as it may be, a smartphone’s microphone is only capable of capturing anything and everything immediately around it.  FanFootage takes the poor quality on-camera audio from fan videos, and analyze that and see the patterns. If it’s very weak and distorted. We then take those patterns and match it against the audio supplied to us by the artist, from that gig that night. In return for uploading to us, the fan gets back their video sounding exactly as they remember that night been.

Beastie Boys did this in 2006 with “I Shot This” with 50 cameras and months in post-production. We can the same with 1000’s of angles automatically in a minute, such is where technology has brought us within 8 years. All it takes is someone to have an initial idea, for others over time to refine it.

The idea started when my co-founder tried to collect the footage of 20 people after a gig in the west of Ireland one winter’s night. Everyone had their footage on dropbox/USB’s etc and organizing the collection of all of it was painful. For editors, syncing up the videos manually is the most time intensive portion so we set upon automating this for others.

Anything above 100ms out of sync is detectable by the ear. We sync to within 5ms. Since we match using only the audio, fans can film and upload to our web uploader with GoPro, DSLR and compact cameras as well as smartphones. It also means that fans don’t need to have FanFootage installed on their phone pre-show to participate in filming. The app can be downloaded post-event and used to upload directly or via our website. turns this audience behaviour into a great brand engagement opportunity, crowd-sourcing the videos and crediting fans for ...

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