Feenix Aria review: premium gaming headphones with superior sound (video)

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When I think of gaming headphones I think of headphones made out of plastic with a long mic jutting out in front. In a word I think “ugly.” Or I used to, until I held the Feenix Aria in my hands and let the luxurious cans envelop my ears. I’m glad to see a company thinking outside the “gamer” box and creating products that aren’t just functional. With the Aria, Feenix is redefining gamer culture making it more accessible and more stylish while pushing performance boundaries and taking gaming and music enjoyment to the next level.

Let’s get into it.


Feenix Aria Review6

The first thing you notice when you place the Aria on your head is how enormous these headphones are. The sound, guys, not the physical dimensions, although… those are equally huge.

Let me get this out of the way right away: these are the nicest sounding headphones I’ve ever put on my ears — gaming or otherwise. I’m completely blown away by how nice everything sounds through these cans. That’s the 50mm full range neodymium magnet drivers at work.

It’s the details that blow me away. I’m hearing things I never would have before. I swear I can hear Yo-Yo Ma breathing on his most popular track, Simple Gifts. I was watching MKBHD’s latest video, The State of 4K: Early 2016, and I could clearly hear background noises like his heater and the cars driving by outside his window. Now imagine having that kind of detail showing up in your headphones while you’re playing a competitive game like Counter Strike. That’s called a competitive advantage.

The Aria wants to help you dominate gaming, but Feenix designed these headphones to be used when you’re not holding a controller as well.

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Listening to music with these headphones is incredible. The sign of a good pair of headphones isn’t loudness, it’s clarity. And the Aria’s sound is crisp and full of detail. Bass is punchy without being grungy, voices and instruments are sharp and the overall sound profile is, in a word, accurate. When Feenix says these are studio quality headphones I can’t argue with them there.

In the last two years I’ve had over 20 headphones come across my desk for review and I have never tested any that sounded this good — gaming or otherwise.


The mic setup on the Aria is interesting. It’s a detached mic that you ...

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