FLOTE M2 floor and bed premium iPad/tablet stand review

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The FLOTE M2 tablet stand ($299) is an insanely well made, highly-adaptable premium tablet stand that opens up a world of new possibilities and conveniences. It’s one of those rare items that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it.

Aside from it’s ability to hold your tablet (which is does very and with dramatic style), it’s the M2’s ability to help you get more out of your tablet that makes it stand out from the competition that much more.

Want to watch a Netflix movie in the bath without worrying your tablet might take a swim? No problem. Want to read on the couch or in your favorite chair—hands free? Get to it. Too tired to hold your device up in bed but want to read before you hit the sack? Now you can.

I tested the FLOTE M2 with an iPad Air, but it’s easy to see that it would work with basically any other tablet or ereader on the market. This is by far and without a doubt the coolest, most-useful iPad stand I’ve ever used, much less seen. Starting from top to bottom, I’ll rundown the features and let you know why they add up to make this rather expensive stand well worth the purchase price.

Everything about this stand is customizable, a fact that’s best illustrated by the adjustment sleeve on the stand’s arm. Loosening the sleeve lets you adjust the arm’s length by extending or retracting it. Once you’ve settled on the perfect length you can tighten the sleeve to lock it into position. This feature, above all others, really helps you dial in the perfect positioning.

The cradle is well designed because it’s simultaneously easy to use and sturdily made. The cradle featured rubber tips that hold your device without harming it. It’s also spring loaded which means inserting your tablet is super easy.

The magnetic ball joint on the back of the cradle is awesome. This is a super strong magnet that allows you to precicely position the cradle in a nearly infinite number of configurations. Translation: the cradle (and therefore your tablet) is going to be placed exactly where you want it at exactly the right angle.

The boom angle knob lets you adjust how high your tablet is held. It’s one of the most useful parts of this stand system because it lets you use it practically anywhere from a chair to a desk to a treadmill.

The bottom half of the stand features an s curve that not only balances the stand but makes for a nice handle as well when you’re moving it from place to place. Plus, it makes the stand feel a bit more designy and therefore adds to the sleek style.

One of the coolest features of this stand is the 360 degree rotation. This feature means you don’t have to move the stand to use it in more than one place. For instance, as I type this review I’ve currently got the FLOTE stand positioned between my desk and a nearby couch in my office. Thanks to the 360 degree rotation, I can switch between typing at my desk or on the couch with ease.

The base of the unit is pretty heavy, which is great because you don’t want your tablet to fall over and crash into anything. The base gives you the feeling that your tablet it solidly anchored. Even though the base ensures that the stand is firmly planted and won’t be uprooted, it has a relatively small footprint.

Everything about this stand screams premium. It’s construction feels super-solid, and no wonder since it’s made from solid steel and aluminum. This stand could easily outlast your next 10 tablets.

Assembly couldn’t be easier. Screw the bottom of the stand into the base and attach the cradle to the boom arm via the magnetic joint (just make sure you don’t pinch your finger… this magnet is fierce).

One thing that could use a bit of improving is the rubber grips that hold your tablet. After having my FLOTE for just a few days, one of the grips started showing some wear through to the metal beneath. This is a small caveat, however, and doesn’t affect the usability of this excellent iPad stand.

I’d recommend the FLOTE M2 tablet stand to anybody looking for stylish, versatile, high-quality stand that, in all seriousness, may never need to be replaced. The only problem I have with this excellent stand is that it makes me want to buy another (and another).

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