Flyp: An Amazing App That Gives You Multiple Phone Numbers

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You use different social media accounts for different parts of your life; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Have you ever thought about using different phone numbers for the different parts of your life as well? It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? And it’s exactly the idea behind a new phone app—I’d say the best new phone app since Google Voice came out in 2009—called Flyp. I’d even go a bit further than that and say this is one of the coolest new apps I’ve seen in awhile period—it’s just that cool and useful.

Flyp is so flipping awesome I don’t even know where to start. Well actually I do; Flyp isn’t crappy. That might sound banal but when you look at the phone app and extra phone number options out there—whether for business or personal use—there just aren’t any good ones. And I mean that wholeheartedly. Over the years I’ve tried everything from Vonage to Vonjour and I hated them all. The one thing I was excited about was Google Voice and that got old and decrepit and I mourned it as I mourned the death of Aereo—one of my favorite things was gone—forever. Until Flyp.

“Flyp was built to help people embrace and manage every aspect of your life.” That’s according to CEO Peter Rinfret. He goes on:

“Flyp numbers are real, reliable and feature-rich, enabling innovations that smartphone owners have never seen or used for voice or text communication before. They are also meant to be permanent and to be part of your every day life.”

I have a feeling in my gut that Flyp is going to be big. And my gut must know what it’s talking about because Peter says he excited by the sheer number of requests to make Flyp available abroad. “Right now Flyp is only available in the US, but the demand we’re seeing for a global product is something we’re using to shape our roadmap,” he says.

“We purposefully designed the phone experience within Flyp to be as familiar as possible for new users, so they’d be able to pick up the app and begin making calls and sending texts immediately, without a learning curve. We have a number of powerful features planned, that haven’t been launched yet, that we anticipate will “surprise and delight” our users when they do become available.”

One non-obvious, but unique feature Flyp offers ...

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