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Hey, I’m Chris. I wrote this article and I’m also the founder and Editor of DailyTekk. Lets connect on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Check back daily!

Twitter Bird IconToday I’m setting out on an ambitious mission to maintain the world’s best new tech-related Twitter account of 2012, @dailytekk, the official Twitter companion of Here’s what types of Tweets you should expect to see from me: notifications about freshly published articles on DailyTekk (of course), general tech news, interesting tidbits that don’t make it into articles I write for the website, behind-the-scenes stuff, tips and tricks etc… You get the picture.

There are actually two pieces involved with attempting to make the world’s best New tech Twitter account of 2012. The first piece is posting great content that people will want to read. I’ll take care of that. The second piece involves people following @dailytekk. That’s where you come in. Without followers, where’s the motivation to post? I’d be honored if you followed @dailytekk and thankful for your help in spreading the news about it. If nothing else, I’d love for @dailytekk to reach more followers than my original design-oriented Twitter account @brandeluxe which currently has 1,929 followers by years end. Truth be told, I’d love even more reaching 20,000 followers. So what do you say, can I count on you?

By the way, I’d love to receive your news tips, suggestions, questions and comments via Twitter, so by all means Tweet my way!

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