Frameri Glasses Review: Innovative, Tough (But…)

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Your glasses suck. They do. Really. Unless they are Frameri glasses, they’re out to get you. Maybe they look cool and maybe they were as expensive or cheap as you wanted them to be, but they don’t have your best interest at heart. The company that made your glasses wants to you have to re-order prescription lenses every time you get new frames. In other words, when you get rid of one, you’ve got to get rid of both.

Frameri is different. Frameri decided that it would be cool if you could keep your lenses and swap out the frames as often as you want. Cool, right? It only makes sense. If you wear glasses, why not be able to change the frames as often as you change other pieces of your wardrobe like shirts and pants?

The lenses and frames are specifically designed to be easy to pop in and out. So when your Frameri package arrives in the mail, you’ll have to do a bit of assembling. But it’s not hard once you know how it works.

But that’s not all that makes Frameri better. These frames are hard to break. I would know. I’ve tried to break them. It’s true: I’ve got a test pair sitting right in front of me and the left arm of the frames is currently in an L shape. I bent it, but it didn’t break. And… with a little bending it’s back to it’s original shape. Slick.


These frames have a lot of give. That’s thanks to the Italian acetate they’re composed of. It flexes like crazy without breaking. Sit on them, drop them, step on them… you get the point. They’ll make it through almost anything a normal person’s normal day might throw at them: and then some. So these are really, really tough glasses.

But that doesn’t mean they’re bulky or heavy. They’re not. In fact, they’re really, really light.

One cool thing that is worth mentioning is that Frameri has cut a deal with EnChroma to bring color to the color blind.

So I’m actually not a glasses wearer. Well I don’t wear prescription glasses. I’m one of those lucky people who still has perfect eyesight past age 30 (don’t hate too hard in the comments). But I do wear sunglasses. And I do know people who wear prescription glasses. So in order to facilitate this review I had Frameri send along a non-prescription sunglass pair of specs along with a prescription pair for another staff member to try. What did we think about how they fit and worked?

Let’s start with the prescription pair. My associate tells me they like the glasses a lot. I see them wearing them a lot. I personally think they look good. My associates only complaint would be that they wished there were some larger frames to fit their current fashion mode; as is, it seems like there mostly sleeker, more pared-down frames currently available on the site.

The sunglasses I got worked well, but didn’t look good on me. In fact, they looked really bad on me. It’s hard to order glasses online and end up with something you like; it’s why Warby Parker’s home try-on program exists which let’s you try 5 pairs of glasses at a time.


Frameri does have a virtual try-on program on their website, but honestly I couldn’t get it to load using the latest version of Safari on a Mac. Needless to say, I’m sure that was probably a fluke and I’d certainly recommend using the virtual try-on before you make a purchase.

For me, I felt like the frames I picked out, which I really liked the look of on the website, by the way, made me look like a Shrek head (or a Shrek head wearing tiny Elton John glasses).

So for our team, this was a 50% success and a 50% failure story. The successful instance was testing women’s frames and the failure men’s.

So what’s our recommendation? Frameri glasses are seriously innovative. The company is shaking things up and that’s a good thing. The concept is strong and we’re sure the selection and try-on process will evolve to better suit people’s needs over time. If you’re looking for sturdy glasses that better fit your fashion needs Frameri is absolutely worth a look. Just proceed with diligence (guys).

Note: Frameri did mention to me after this article posted that they do offer free returns and exchanges and that sometimes customers buy several pairs and just keep the ones they like. They also offered to replace the glasses I said I didn’t like. Good customer service.

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