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Request this free 87 page guide to understanding security in Windows 10 for the Consumer and the Enterprise. A $24.95 value, free for a limited time – Download your copy today!

What You Will Learn:

  • The current security landscape: Microsoft has taken a comprehensive top down approach to securing Windows 10 — you’ll learn why this is happening.
  • Securing Windows 10 for the consumer: This book is full of practical information about using the tools Microsoft provides to lock down your PC or mobile devices.
  • Securing the Enterprise: You’ll also learn what new tools Microsoft has provided for IT professionals to lock down employee hardware and software.

In Detail:

The book is a fully exhaustive view, going through all of the topics you would expect, including:

  • Microsoft’s Security Strategy
  • The Current Security Landscape
  • Windows 10 Security vs Windows XP, Vista and 8
  • The Fido Alliance
  • Windows Hello
  • Microsoft Passport
  • Enterprise Data Protection
  • UEFI
  • Encryption and Azure
  • Virtual Machines
  • Enterprise Mobility/BYOD
  • Security for Windows 10 for IOT
  • Browser Security
  • Access Control and Auditing

Request your free eBook of “Introduction to Windows 10 Security” valued at $24.95, free for a limited time!

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