Gadgets for Men: 7 Places to Find Cool Stuff

Gadgets for Men
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If you’re trying to find gadgets for men it can be hard to know where to look to find really cool stuff. On the other hand, looking for gadgets as men is practically a calling. In either case DailyTekk is here to save the day with seven places we look for great gadgets ourselves. If you’re not a tech journalist like myself I sincerely doubt you’ve heard of most of them… let’s see.

Sometimes the best gadgets come from expected places: Apple, Google, Amazon and other big tech companies. But there’s so much more to the tech world waiting to be discovered. Underground hits. Non-mainstream tech. A world of accessories. In this post you’ll get introduced to some places to find both but with an emphasis on the latter. If you’re looking for the unexpected, proceed.

Yes, cool gadgets = cool gifts. Come Christmastime (or someone’s birthday) this post is going to be very popular. But us men need our gadgets all year round. If you’re a guy and you’ve got some money to spend then this article is for you. If you’re looking for cool gifts for a guy in your life this post is also for you. Enough chit chat: let’s get this party started.


Amazon Launchpad - Gadgets for Men

There are a ton of tech startups developing legit new hardware products (i.e. gadgets) but finding them isn’t always easy. Sure, you could comb through TechCrunch or Angel List but… that’s too much effort. Luckily Amazon recently launched Launchpad to help you discover unique and unexpected tech products. In other words, yes, there are tons of gadgets for men here.

There are a few main categories on Launchpad that should give you a good idea of what you’ll find here including: Body, Food, Toys, Gadgets and House. There’s also a really handy gift guide section which includes a gifts for him section along with an under $100 section.

Now if all of that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll also find tons of deals on Launchpad. That’s right: not only can you discover awesome gadgets but you can snag some of them at super-discounted prices. What’s not to love?

The Gadget Flow


I didn’t list Kickstarter or Indiegogo here for a reason: The Gadget Flow. This site has an astonishing collection of awesome gadgets for men including the best crowdfunding projects. What I like about Gadget Flow is that you’ll find lots of cool stuff that you would never normally run into or find covered on mainstream tech outlets. That and all of the extra features that let you track the cool stuff you find.

I use The Gadget Flow app more than the actual website, but both are equally full-featured. I constantly use the wish list feature to save items I think I might want to buy for later on. And that comes in handy given that twelve new items are added to the site every day (and the awesome selection of products is already over 10,000).

I love how clean and organized this site is. You’ll find categories like: For Men, Apple Accessories, Geeky Gadgets, Office Gadgets, Photography Gadgets, Travel Must-Haves and more. You can also see featured products, trending products and best of the week items right on the homepage.

This is one of the few sites/apps I interact with on at least a weekly (if not daily) basis.

Product Hunt


Okay, so I’ve featured Product Hunt several times here on DailyTekk but it’s definitely worth mentioning again here. I love this site/app: in fact, out of all the things listed here, it’s the only one I actually do check every single day. Why? It’s the place where startups launch (including hardware/gadget startups).

Now Product Hunt is probably about 80% (or more) software and service products but there’s a fair amount of gadgets for men to be found as well. Thankfully everything is broken down into various collections for easy sorting. I recommend checking out Tech (obviously), Wearables, Internet of Things and Drones for starters.

The great thing about Product Hunt is that it’s social. You can follow people who are your friends or who you find interesting and you can “upvote” products Reddit-style to bring them more visibility.



Canopy describes itself as Amazon, curated. Fair enough. It’s an awesome collection of well-designed, stylish products that almost seem too nice to be on Amazon, frankly. Canopy is as sleek and well-designed as the products it features which makes browsing through it a pleasure.

One thing I really like about Canopy is that it’s human-powered. A group of people with good taste hand-pick products to feature on the site and that makes the products you’ll see there particularly great (IMO).

Of course there’s more to the site than just what it features. You can easily see what’s new, trending or most popular and you can easily save your favorite products if you sign up for a free account.

Canopy is another site/app that I keep coming back to again and again. I’m guessing you will too.

Touch of Modern (ToMo)


Touch of Modern is another site/app that is design-centric. While it’s not dedicated solely to tech and gadgets, it does have a large tech section (and everything inside looks killer). The whole idea here is to feature cool stuff that’s not only stylish but on sale. That is possible because the site works directly with designers to feature awesome gear (including many gadgets for men).

From headphones to phone accessories to camera gear and more, ToMo has a fun selection of tech products to comb through. I’ve found several items here that I would have never found elsewhere simply because ToMo featured them.

On ToMo you can favorite items for later (although items do sell out from time to time here so if you see something you should probably snap it up before it’s too late). You’ll also get some great recommendations for related items and The Manuscript (the site’s blog) is worth a look as well.



Uncrate is one of my all time favorite sites/brands. It has some of the best gadgets for men on the planet — along with a wide array of additional items guys will like (style, cars, videos and more).

Every weekday Uncrate posts new updates and I have to say they are always timely and on top of things. If a new phone just came out (or a new laptop, app, camera, etc.) you’ll find it on Uncrate (if the staff deems it worthy). Basically you can trust Uncrate to let you know about the best (emphasis on best) new tech products around. So unlike other sites I’ve listed here, you won’t find an overwhelming amount of tech products to go through — just a selection of top recommendations.

Uncrate is really more of a brand than just a site or app. There’s a magazine, the ability to save favorite products and an incredible Instagram account that’s worth exploring as well.



Whereas several of the sites I’ve listed here to find great gadgets for men are curated, Fancy has a global community that curates a list of excellent products — including lots of awesome tech. The gadget section on Fancy will keep your face buried online for hours at a time if your not careful.

One thing that’s cool about Fancy is that you can actually see a list of trending items on the left hand side of the site (Twitter-style). And on Fancy pictures definitely take center stage: they’re large and easy to see which really makes the browsing experience top-notch.

Fancy is another place where you’ll find a lot of stuff you just wouldn’t see elsewhere (which is cool).

Where Else Can You Find Gadgets for Men?

If you’re looking for more cool stuff for guys you might want to check out my article titled 20 Sites With Awesome Gear for Men. There’s a bit of overlap with this article but you’ll find even more awesome places to find gadgets for men (along with lots of additional lifestyle content).

Do you know of any other great places to find cool gadgets for guys? Let me know in the comments!

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