Gadgets for Men: 7 Places to Find Cool Stuff

Gadgets for Men
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If you’re trying to find gadgets for men it can be hard to know where to look to find really cool stuff. On the other hand, looking for gadgets as men is practically a calling. In either case DailyTekk is here to save the day with seven places we look for great gadgets ourselves. If you’re not a tech journalist like myself I sincerely doubt you’ve heard of most of them… let’s see.

Sometimes the best gadgets come from expected places: Apple, Google, Amazon and other big tech companies. But there’s so much more to the tech world waiting to be discovered. Underground hits. Non-mainstream tech. A world of accessories. In this post you’ll get introduced to some places to find both but with an emphasis on the latter. If you’re looking for the unexpected, proceed.

Yes, cool gadgets = cool gifts. Come Christmastime (or someone’s birthday) this post is going to be very popular. But us men need our gadgets all year round. If you’re a guy and you’ve got some money to spend then this article is for you. If you’re looking for cool gifts for a guy in your life this post is also for you. Enough chit chat: let’s get this party started.


Amazon Launchpad - Gadgets for Men

There are a ton of tech startups developing legit new hardware products (i.e. gadgets) but finding them isn’t always easy. Sure, you could comb through TechCrunch or Angel List but… that’s too much effort. Luckily Amazon recently launched Launchpad to help you discover unique and unexpected tech products. In other words, yes, there are tons of gadgets for men here.

There are a few main categories on Launchpad that should give you a good idea of what you’ll find here including: Body, Food, Toys, Gadgets and House. There’s also a really handy gift guide section which includes a gifts for him section along with an under $100 section.

Now if all of that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll also find tons of deals on Launchpad. That’s right: not only can you discover awesome gadgets but you can snag some of them at super-discounted prices. What’s not to love?

The Gadget Flow


I didn’t list Kickstarter or Indiegogo here for a reason: The Gadget Flow. This site has an astonishing collection of awesome gadgets for men including the best crowdfunding projects. What I like about Gadget Flow is that you’ll find lots of ...

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