Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Catches Fire, Playstation VR Excites, Samsung Buys Viv AI

Here’s your early look at the trending tech news that’s about to go viral.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Fire: Not long ago Samsung issued a recall for the explosive Galaxy Note 7 but now a replacement unit caught fire on a plane! Luckily the plane was still at the gate and everyone onboard was able to get off the plane safely. Hopefully this isn’t Samsung’s new default airplane mode. Source

Early Reviewers Love Playstation VR: It’s really entertaining watching people play the new PlayStation VR for the first time. The PSVR is a lot cheaper than the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE and the consensus around the web seems to be that it’s the most accessible way to get into VR. Even though some have complained the motion tracking isn’t very good, I can’t wait to review this myself. Source

Samsung Buys Viv: In more Samsung news the company just bought an artificial intelligence system called Viv which was built by the minds behind Siri. There’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo to describe what makes Viv better, but one standout feature is that Viv can write it’s own code to accomplish new tasks. It’s software that builds itself! Siri, Google’s Assistant, Viv, Cortana, Alexa… yep AI is the future of tech. Source