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Matthieu Malot, lead artist of EDGE Extended, shares with us a bit of background and inside information on EDGE (Mobigame‘s multi-awarded and critically loved game) and EDGE Extended.

EDGE 2006

There is nothing narrative in EDGE, and it is difficult to talk about a genre for EDGE. With David, before the release we hesitated a lot between a puzzler and a platformer. Finally, journalists and comments in the store mostly call it a puzzler, I would more say platformer, because it’s a lot about instant reflex and synchro. The gameplay is very simple it’s just rolling a cube on it’s edges trying to find the final point inside dynamic mazes to unlock the next level.

The game design is really sharp so we decided to keep the aesthetic very pure. David loves the work of MC Esher and I love the work of Vasarely, but most of the artistic choices were decided by one rule: make it more simple, remove what you don’t need. I even removed the colors for the background…

EDGE 2007

The cube you play is multicolored and flashing, the first EDGE designed in 2008 was a java mobile game, and it was a nice trick to get a dynamic cycling colorful sprite with this limited technology, so we kept it and of course it is also a cool color effect used in lots of Nintendo games as a super power.

As a player, I like that the levels are difficult and sometimes really unfair for the player, I love to rage on a game. But some people give up because of that difficulty. So we put some cool sequences with animated blocks (like short interactive cutscenes) to reward the player during his progress.

Sometimes I play a level and I still enjoy it, we took our time but I think it’s nicely balanced.

The product that came to market didn’t differ that much from the first screenshot mock up I made, it was already isometric, but with a white background and a red cube.

Multi cube test

The game design has been improved while we were creating the engine. There was no original game design for this game just a really cheap demo were you could roll a cube on a grid and try to balance it on its edges, but the feeling was there.

The game realesed on iPhone in 2008 was a port of a java game, made only with 2D tiles and incredible code tricks. It was only bitmaps, there was no polygon at all. But now that we have retina displays and hi resolution screens the game is rendered in real 3D with antialiasing.

In 2008, our team of only two people, entered in the Barcelona Mobile World Congress to get in touch with the mobile gaming industry, but with only one entrance ticket and neck badges for the two of us. There were a lot of guards to filter entrance at each floor so it is a nice memory of an epic infiltration with cooperative challenge to avoid guards, however the gameplay was real.

Level Edition

I don’t know if EDGE Extended will/did have any influence in its game category, I hope its legacy will be that simple does not mean ugly or bad, and also that sometimes level designers are real jerks!

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