Game of Fame: Galaxy on Fire 2 (Pics)

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When it comes to iOS gaming, few games garner as much love from fans or are produced with such high quality/standards as the Galaxy on Fire series. The scope of the game is incredible, the graphics are tasty and the story is expansive. As it turns out, Michael Schade, the CEO and Co-Founder of Fishlabs Entertainment (the company behind GOF2), is a pretty interesting guy as well. Today he shares with DailyTekk readers the story of how GOF2 game into being. Theres a wealth of insights here any true fan will appreciate so I’m going to quit typing now and let you get to the good stuff…


The one thing that sets the Galaxy on Fire saga apart from pretty much every other sci-fi shooter on the App Store, is its unique mixture of story-based, mission-bound and sandbox gameplay. In our game, we grant the players way more freedom of choice than other titles do and hence they can freely choose between dozens of different ways to make progress. When they’re stuck in the main campaign, for example, they can take some time off whenever they want and either do some trading, hunt down space pirates or accept side missions. That way they can earn additional credits and ultimately buy a better ship and stronger weapons, which will hopefully allow them to finish the mission they’ve been stuck at before. And even after they’ve completed the main story line of GOF2 and its two add-ons Valkyrie and Supernova, the fun is still not over, because the galaxy still bears a thousand secrets that need to be unraveled and a thousand challenges that need to be taken on.

Since everyone who worked on Galaxy on Fire 2 is a huge science fiction buff, we drew visual inspiration from a very broad range of different media — ranging from TV shows like Star Trek and blockbusters like Star Wars to classic games like Wing Commander and bestselling novels like A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. If you’re a sci-fi aficionado, you’ll surely discover a lot of homages and tributes to all kinds of fan favorites and genre classics while playing our game. One example would be the towels you could buy in the hangars of the space stations and another would be the so-called Grey, which are an alien race that looks a lot like the classic Area 54 aliens. Even their ...

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