Game of Fame: Galcon Fusion

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Phil Hassey created Galcon, a multiplayer arcade real-time strategy game which won an IGF award. Phil is one of the current organizers of the Ludum Dare game jam community. Most recently he launched his game Dynamite Jack on Steam and the iOS App Store. Here, he shares some behind the scenes information about the development of Galcon!

Galcon was inspired by the 80’s turn-based strategy game genre. In 2006 I added real-time swarms of ships, which made Galcon the first game in the “swarmy minimalist RTS” genre 🙂 There have been dozens of clones since then.

Fusion Doom Composite
Fusion Doom Composite

What influenced and inspired Galcon’s style is probably lots of sci-fi movies, where you see a real picture of “space” with neon-colored interactive overlays over it. This is what Galcon is like.

I really like that it’s multiplayer, and anything can happen. The random element that multiplayer brings to the game really makes each game different and interesting.

By the time I was developing Galcon Fusion in 2010, I had the Galcon design pretty well down, so there weren’t any notable changes.


One thing that most people probably don’t know is that the original prototype of Galcon was made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam. This prototype spawned the game which created the whole swarmy-mini-RTS sub-genre.

I’m a solo-indie developer so there aren’t any crazy office antics or anything like that .. but I do have a pet goat named Cuzco! My wife Nan and I take him for a walk just about every day. He’s 10 years old now.

It’s hard to say for sure how Galcon Fusion will affect how games are made in the future. Many games were inspired by it, so that’s pretty neat 🙂 I’m about to begin a Kickstarter for Galcon 2 (actually tomorrow) and I’m hoping to bring the game up to the next level with that!

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