Game of Fame: Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders

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A Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders designer shared some behind the scenes information about the development of the game.

The first thing that makes Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders unique is definitely the attention to detail. We put a disproportionate amount of work in recreating the locations where the action takes place as close as possible to reality. Also all missions are inspired from events from during the war. The other place where we really brought some innovation is in the better experience for the casual players. We’ve played a lot of flight simulators and most of them are really hard on the player. We are very proud we managed to make Storm Raiders a great experience even for people who don’t usually master flight simulators.

The main theme of the game is of course the Second World War. Starting from this we aimed at creating a great immersive experience and got all the visuals towards a feel of realism blended with vintage art. We want our players to feel that they are doing something heroic and epic and their actions have a great impact on the world around them so everything you see and hear during the game acts in this direction.

Everyone in the team has a different answer about what they like most about the game. Some love the feeling you get in the first mission of Battle of Britain, you start with a Spitfire on the coast of Dover and hear the bomb alarms howling. You don’t need training to know what you have to do when the action starts. Others live for the multiplayer. Proving skills and reflexes with your friends is extremely rewarding, you should see the debates regarding which plane is the best.

We had a pretty clear idea where we wanted the game to go from the start. There are some Game Modes that didn’t make it in the final release but they will show up in future updates. Also, there was no time to add voice-overs for the campaigns, we would have loved that. We also don’t really work with strict documents and concepts, the game shapes itself up during the development and we pick a lot of features just by experimenting.

What everyone is very impressed with is the size of the team behind the project. Around 10 people shipped an Editor’s Choice title with incredible content and spectacular visuals, all done ...

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