Technology Just Made Visiting The Optometrist For A New Prescription Obsolete

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I don’t wear glasses—I’m one of the lucky people who don’t need them (yet). But if I did, I would love Blink. Blink is an on-demand vision testing service that comes to your home, work or anywhere to provide you with a convenient prescription for glasses. Like ClickMechanic (see Getting Your Car Fixed Just Became SO Much Easier And Cheaper), Blink is another tech startup that is making tasks that are normally inconvenient much easier—and cheaper. In fact, you don’t need glasses to see clearly that Blink is officially the best, easiest and most convenient way to get a new prescription for glasses wearers.

And there’s some really cool technology behind Blink. The Blink setup looks a bit like a virtual reality setup. A smartphone, which functions as the brains behind Blink, slides into a device called The Netra which measures the optical power of your eyes. There’s also The Netrometer which helps you figure out the prescription of your existing glasses in case you don’t know and The Netroper which lets you see how your new prescription will work.

It should be noted, however, that Blink does recommend a comprehensive eye exam—Blink is only for getting glasses (as opposed to measuring eye health).

What’s crazy is that all this gear fits into a briefcase that a person Blink refers to as a Visioneer brings to you to test your eyes and get you a new prescription. It also replaces the traditional equipment you see at your optometrist’s office that normally costs thousands of dollars more.

Using Blink works like this: book an appointment, take a 20 minute test, an optometrist will review your results remotely within 24 hours, you’ll get a digital prescription sent out and at that point you can buy new glasses anywhere you’d like. All without ever having to go into an office.

As if all this wasn’t cool enough already, Blink will deliver a free vision test and glasses to a person in need from your own community every time you use Blink.

David Schafran, Blink’s founder and Chief Product Officer tells me exactly why Blink makes so much sense:

“Blink meets consumers where they are—literally. Traditional optometry requires consumers to take time off work to travel to an optical shop to receive a vision test using centuries old technologies and methods. In today’s world where people live busy lives, digest services via


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