Getting My Cracked iPhone Screen Replaced At Apple Store (Cost + Experience)

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It’s usually accidental: your iPhone slips out of your fingers, or, in my case, pocket and heads for the nearest hard surface. BAM! And you get that sinking feeling where you immediately know something is very wrong…

But how do you get your cracked iPhone screen fixed? And what does it cost? Do you have to take it into an Apple store? Should you take it to a third party (non-Apple) store? Can you send it back to Apple via snail mail? Do they replace just the glass or the entire screen? What about the Touch ID sensor? And, most importantly, is it possible to change the color of your iPhone screen from white to black or vice versa since you’re getting your screen replaced anyways?

I answer all of these questions and more and describe the experience of getting a cracked iPhone case replaced in general in this video.

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