Getting Your Car Fixed Just Became SO Much Easier (And Cheaper)

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“Do you know what a good mechanic is worth? You can’t compare that to sex.” You’ll likely recognize this quote from Seinfeld; it’s funny, sure, but the underlying sentiment/stigmatism we all attach to mechanics is that they will rip us off. In fact, taking a car to the shop is one of life’s least enjoyable errands. It’s right up there with taking yourself to the dentist (not sure which is worse, really).

At least getting your car fixed just became a lot easier (and more affordable) thanks to a startup named ClickMechanic (at least for those of you living in the UK). ClickMechanic is an online marketplace for car repair which allows users to get a real-time online quotes and book a vetted mechanic in two short minutes.

Andrew Jervis, CEO and co-founder of ClickMechanic, explains what sets the startup apart from other services vying to get your car back on the road:

“We make it supremely easy for customers to get a manufacturer approved repair quote and then book in with a vetted mechanic within minutes. None of our competitors enable this functionality and instead rely on a reverse bid mechanism which takes more time for consumers to get their car repaired and more time for mechanics to quote on a booking. Ultimately we’re bringing greater efficiency to the booking process but underpinning this with a massive amount of trust for the consumer with our manufacturer approved quotes and vetted mechanics, which is exactly what this industry is craving for.”

Hey, you can’t beat supremely easy. Convenience matters—supremely—in just this sort of situation.

I think my favorite thing about ClickMechanic is that you don’t have to take your car anywhere (much less have it towed anywhere). With ClickMechanic the mechanic comes to you—whenever and wherever it is most convenient.

Mechanics like Brian, who joined the service in 2013. Since joining ClickMechanic, Brian has completed over 400 jobs and has over 140 positive reviews. As a result, he’s generating £100,000s of extra revenue for his own business and has has purchased another van and hired additional mechanics to service the extra demand.

ClickMechanic connects you to a skilled mechanic like Brian using three simple steps:

  1. Share a few details about your car.
  2. Pick and time and location you’d like the mechanic to arrive.
  3. A vetted mobile mechanic will arrive to work on your vehicle.

Andrew shares a bit of background on what happens in-between to bring everything together:

“Once a mechanic accepts a job, we send the customer an email and text message confirming the booking. We also provide helpful details about the mechanic and include the mechanic’s telephone number. On the flip side once a mechanic accepts a job we ask them (via an app) to call the customer and introduce themselves and talk through any specific requirements with the customer. Customers love this unexpected call!”

But one thing ClickMechanic doesn’t do is try to do too much at once. “Marketplaces have quickly risen to prominence over the last several years and many of them focus on multiple service verticals,” Andrew says. “In the early days we had a ton of people asking us why we were not doing other services. The automotive repair industry is highly complex technically and logistically and we want to place our selves right in the middle of this problem and be the experts to fix it. Attempting to tackle multiple verticals at the same time makes no sense and we want to be a master of ours and not a jack-of-all-trades of many.”

While ClickMechanic is rolling along, to accelerate the company plans on improving data sets as well as data cleansing and machine learning algorithms in order to make the service work even better. Underpinning it all will be an expanding network of “amazing” mechanics and garages.

Now if only ClickMechanic would come to the United States, Canada and Australia I’m sure the rest of our audience would be stoked.

Featured image via Flickr.

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