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In the mood for a great tech movie? Obviously you are otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked here in the first place! In the aftermath of a recent post on cool new ways to watch and create TV and movie content, our new friends over at Prescreen are giving away one free movie to the readers of DailyTekk. If you’ve ever used an iOS product, a Kindle, a PS3, Wii or Xbox you definitely don’t want to miss this incredible documentary which one 4 awards at various international film festivals.

About Prescreen

Prescreen is a curated social discovery video-on-demand platform designed to promote and showcase premium content. If you’re a filmmaker you can feature your film with Prescreen and get blockbuster exposure on an indie budget. Viewers can earn free movies by sharing Prescreen with friends.

About Struggle, Your Free Movie Rental

After reading all the press about Apple and unjust Chinese manufacturing operations, we searched long and hard to find a documentary that gives you insider access. We present to you Struggle, which gives you raw footage of these factories. Is the press right? Are you supporting slavery?

You’ll see raw footage that provides insight into the true stories at Foxconn. Foxconn is the largest manufacturer in Shenzhen, China and is the multinational electronics company that manufactures iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. Struggle tells the story of three workers who lost their limbs in factory accidents that are all too common in this company.

Watch Now

Click here to watch Struggle now! Please note: you must be a first-time Prescreen buyer and connect via Facebook in order to watch this movie for free.

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  • Prescreen looks awesome. I like the pay per view setup, no monthly cost, looks like.
    Some totally free movie sites are
    and youtube’s free movies section. (Youtube also does the pay per view thing with selected titles but many full-length ones are free. The selection changes monthly, I think).

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