Giveaway: Use Scrubly to Remove Duplicate Email Contacts

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Is there anything more annoying than duplicate email contacts? Probably so, but still, it’s a super annoying problem. Scrubly solves this problem elegantly by cleaning (and backing up) your email contact list. This means that you can easily merge and resolve conflicts and eliminate duplicates across folders. Perfect. If you want to get your hands on a complimentary scrubbing, here’s what you do: craft a tweet that mentioned both @DailyTekk and @Scrubly and why you want to win. It’s that easy. The first 10 tweets that tell us why they should win (in other words, the people with the worst email problems) will get a promo code. What are you waiting for? The faster you tweet the faster you can scrub!

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  • First, anyone can ‘give away’ a trial. Second, this thing is like a virus, and my email spam count spiked after installation. This is crap.

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