GoButler Is Making Everything You Do And Don’t Want To Do ULTRA Convenient

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Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few years is familiar with Carson, the head butler on Downton Abbey. Carson represents the ultimate in pampering and convenience; he gets things done and deals with hassles so the family he works for doesn’t have to. If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own Carson at your beck and call, I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you.

GoButler is the modern Carson. GoButler takes care of anything you need or want on-demand and hassle-free. You simply make a request by sending a text and GoButler handles it for you. It can order you food, get your groceries, make a dinner reservation, book a flight or make a doctor or dentist appointment for you.

In short, GoButler is helping to usher in a new era of ultra-convenience. But what you won’t find on GoButler’s website is that the company’s foremost objective is to provide every single customer with a “wow experience.” And they seem to be delivering. Navid Hadzaad, a founder, says GoButler’s fulfillment rate is close to 100% and that, after handling over 50,000 requests thus far, he can count the complaints received on one hand.

People who have already tried GoButler use it several times per week. Navid says that this just goes to show that the model is not just a great PR story.

It all seems to come down to how delightfully surprised GoButler’s users are, as Navid explains:

“I truly believe everyone who texts us is blown-away. We’re changing habits. Our service is something customers have never seen before, naturally. Most of the users are surprised that they actually get an answer from a real person. I guess the fact that you simply send us a text message and have your dinner delivered to your home 30 minutes later blows away anyone.”

While people seem genuinely pleased with GoButler in this early stage, will they continue to love the service as it grows? Navid thinks so: “The fact we have built this up with highly streamlined and structured operations makes us able to scale while maintaining a very happy customer base.”


Plus, the GoButler experience is designed to get better over time as the service learns more about it’s customers. “The second time they want to send flowers to their loved ones, we already know where to send the flowers to. The second time they book a flight or hotel with us, we already have a good feeling for their budget and can make conversations more efficient by taking advantage of previous conversations.It’s just great when someone books a flight for you and you don’t need to tell them your desired class-of-travel or your frequent-flyer-number or preferred seat again and again,” says Navid.

Navid tells me that GoButler’s future is all about growth while maintaining the high standards his team holds toward the customer experience. “This is something new, we are pioneers—there are no benchmarks—we’re all learning more and more about this space on a day-by-day basis and have to remain flexible and open-minded towards our innovative product. We know we’ve got something here, but we all will have to work hard to truly understand what the customer wants and in order to take the right decisions for the future of our business. We want to make the relationships with our customers even more personal and of course will continue to invest into our technology to make GoButler even more scalable.”

That’s an attitude that appears at least somewhat similar to Carson’s—although I’m not sure he’d approve of the technology aspect.

Have you tried GoButler? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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