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Have you ever wondered what makes you tick? If you are interested in discovering your personality type, you should check out Good.Co. It’s a self-discovery network that helps you find out how compatible you are with friends, co-workers, jobs and even companies. Using a metric called FitScore, an algorithm determines similarities in things like attitudes, conflict management and complimentary potential. The end result? Happier, more productive relationships with your friends and co-workers. If you happen to be on the hunt for a new job, Good.Co may prove to be an invaluable resource.

Good.Co is getting high marks from customers. Samar Birwadker, co-founder and CEO, explains: “Just the other day we received a letter from a Gallup certified strengths coach located in Thailand who stated that she’s tried almost everything – StrengthsFinder, MBTI, DISC, StandOut, Facet5, etc. – and has found Good.Co to be one of the best products she’s ever used.” Here comes the truly interesting part, “We’ve also heard that several users have found innovative ways of using Good.Co’s self-discovery and matching system – creating sports teams, groups for classroom project, and some have even used it to find dates that are compatible personality-wise!”

Samar explains that Good.Co was born out of a personal experience: “Before Good.Co, I had a pivotal culture-fit experience. I had left a company that I enjoyed working at for greener pastures at a competitor that many would kill to work for, but it took me a mere 2 days to realize it was a complete cultural misfit for me. For six months, I tried to focus on the positives and to tough it out, while trying to figure out why nobody had figured out a way to stop this from happening. After all it’s a painful problem for both the employee and employer—and it inspired me to begin work on Good.Co.”

He continues, “I realized that poor culture fit was a two-sided problem and that to truly solve it from the bottom-up will require us to tackle it from both ends. Good.Co is powered by the community as a way to build towards a transparent “culture graph” of talent and companies. This culture graph helps people identify their strengths and ideal career path from community-generated FitScores while also allowing companies to identify their unique cultural footprint and own and enhance their true self. If we are creating happier workplaces, tackling both the emotional and economical problem, we hope to blur the boundaries between communities, profits, and social good.”

If  take the Good.Co assessment, you may notice that the questions are pop culture-focused and slightly quirky. What many people don’t realize is that, in addition to being fun, the questions are intentionally non-negative at both ends to reduce user bias about themselves. The full assessment is based on scientific research and although the questions seem fun and irreverent, they’re highly accurate—in fact, there is a 95% accuracy compared to traditional assessments!

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