Goodbye Recruiters? Hire Elite Freelance Writers for Business Projects

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Hiring elite freelance consultants has always been inefficient: freelancers spend more time marketing themselves than actually performing work in their core competency, and businesses have to wade through thousands of applicants to find that one gem in the rough.

Well, we’re here to fix all of that.

Copywriter Central helps businesses discover and hire elite writing talent, and helps top writers to get hired smoothly and efficiently. Our clients get high quality writers they can trust, and our world-class writers spend more time writing.

Elite, Pre-vetted Writing Talent

Whether a writer submits an application or is recruited by a member of staff, Copywriter Central takes pride in carefully reviewing all of our writer’s backgrounds and resumes. Our highly curated network of hand-picked writers specialize in marketing, websites, advertising, blogs, sales materials, technical documents, email newsletters, SEO and SEM, and more. Some write with a witty and relaxed tone while others focus more on precision. All are pedigreed writers with experience writing for major brands and/or prominent agencies.

Post your Project and Get Advised

When a client signs up and posts a new project to our website, one of our advisors matches it to a few of our most qualified and relevant writers. Clients can also opt to browse through some of our 75+ writers online. They can exchange messages, schedule conversations, and ultimately make formal agreements with writers online in a matter of clicks.

Easy and Secure Payments

Copywriter Central also offers convenient online payment and time tracking tools for our clients and writers. We accept credit card payments online, hold funds in escrow for clients and writers, and provide a project tracking system that enables writers to receive payment upon completion of each phase of a project, instead of waiting for a lump-sum payment when the project finishes or hassling with Net 30/60/90 terms.

Who Have We Helped, So Far?

Quality-focused marketing and creative agencies, corporate creative teams, small and medium-sized companies, and traditional businesses in fields like healthcare and consulting use Copywriter Central to find and hire the writers they need.

Can We Help Your Business?

Absolutely! Copywriter Central’s network of writers features a wide range of industry specialties and experience. Our writers can do anything.

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