4 Big Announcements Google Just Made That You Should Know About

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Google I/O—the company’s annual conference for developers, and generally the place where it likes to make some big announcements—recently wrapped up. I think it’s safe to say that nothing earth-shattering was announced this year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun things for Android—and even iPhone—users to get excited about.

And while there was a TON of stuff announced at the event, not all of it is really relevant to the everyday “user.” So I’m going to save you some time and just give you the highlights of some of four of the things the average person should probably know in order to be well-informed about what was announced. Here we go:

Android M

  • Android users are finally getting the ability to tweak app permissions—something iOS users have been able to fine tune for years.
  • Custom Chrome Tabs mean apps can link to each other—if all goes according to plan, there will be no more annoying “open with” menu.
  • Doze is a new feature that can put your phone into a “deep sleep” in order to better save battery life when not in use.
  • Google Now on Tap is Google Now on steroids.
  • Will this iteration of Android officially be called Muffin or Milkshake or something else… what’s your guess?

Google Photos

  • Google Photos offers unlimited—yes, unlimited—photo storage for free—yes, free.
  • Google Photos is all about effortless organization: the software uses Google supercomputers to automatically sort photos; think all dog photos together, all hiking photos together, etc. without any input on your part.
  • Google Photos offers a number of compelling editing and exporting options; an animated GIF creator, panoramic photo stitching and more.
  • Some people are worried about the privacy implications of handing over all of their photos to Google.

Android Pay

  • Android Pay is coming, and while the name and fingerprint scanning might just be clones of Apple features, the ability to not even have to take your phone out of your pocket is fresh and exciting.

New Google Cardboard

  • Google’s VR foray, Cardboard, now works with iPhones.

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