Great Gadgets I Discovered on eBay: My Collections (Part 1)

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As you know, I’m a technology curator. It must be in my blood or something. I can’t even count all of the gadgets and apps that I’ve collected into lists for myself and for others over the last couple years. Curating great technology is really what DailyTekk is all about. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out about a new feature on eBay called Collections which lets regular people just like you and me create groups of interesting products. This is obviously excellent for personal reasons like remembering which fitness devices I want to try out, but it’s also social. People can follow other people’s collections (you can follow me here). It’s perfect if you are interested in specific categories or in what products interesting people find interesting. All in all I’ve already created 24 Collections on eBay. Today I want to showcase some of my gadget finds thus far. My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay. #FollowItFindIt

The Smart Home Collection


The Smart Home Collection is a collection I started to keep tabs on the coolest “smart home” gadgets like the Nest Carbon Monoxide detector pictured above. Internet-connected devices are headed to our homes in droves and the first wave looks pretty promising. We’ve had the opportunity to buy robotic vacuum cleaners for years now, and those are still very cool, but everything is becoming controllable via smartphones. Some of my favorite connected-home devices aside from Nest products included in this collection so far are the Phillips Hue Connected Bulb which lets you control room lighting from your phone and the Click and Grow indoor garden which tells you when and how much water your plants need to function at their best.

The Travel Tech Collection


I created The Travel Tech Collection to keep track of the gadgets I thought would make life on road or in the air a bit better since I do a fair amount of traveling. One of my all-time favorite gadgets is the dropcam (pictured above) which gives you a live feed of any location on your smartphone (perfect for keeping an eye on your pets/house while you are away). When I travel for pleasure, I like to stay in a nice hotel, but, when I travel for business I typically try to save the company money and not every hotel is in the ...

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