Great Gadgets I Discovered On eBay: My Collections (Part 2)

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In part 1 of this series, I introduced you to a new feature on eBay called Collections that lets you organize your favorite technology (and other) finds into groups that people can follow (you can follow me here). I also showcased 3 of my favorite collections: the Smart Home Collection which features awesome connected gadgets like the Nest Carbon Monoxide detector, the Travel Tech Collection which features items like the Dropcam and last, but not least, the Awesome Network Collection which showcases products like the Securifi Almond touchscreen router. Today I wanted to showcase a few other collections and products I have found on eBay. All-in-all, I’ve got over 20 great collections with tons of products each for you to check out.

The Wrist Candy Collection


The Wrist Candy Collection is great for forward-thinking tech buffs who want to stay connected without always needing to pop their phone out of their pocket to do so. Featuring a variety of awesome smart watches, this collection will give you an overview of the latest, greatest wrist-connected devices on the market. One my of absolute favorite is the Cuckoo watch, pictured above. The Cuckoo looks a bit more like a traditional analog watch. There’s definitely no touchscreen here, and that’s actually pretty appealing. There’s something cool about a watch that has a classic look but packs modern functionality. The core feature of the Cuckoo watch is that it will give you notifications on the watch face when you get a new message or call. The Cuckoo comes in a variety of colors and looks much more stylish than basically every other smartwatch with a touchscreen I’ve seen yet. Check out the rest of the collection to see what else I dug up.

The Gear for Shutterbugs Collections


The Gear for Shutterbugs collection is all about, what else, great camera accessories. Some of what I have included might surprise (and delight) you, though. I bet there’s plenty in here that you have never seen before. Take the Swivl personal camera man (pictured above), for instance. The Swivl is a device that holds your iPhone (or smartphone) and swivels/rotates to follow you around as you move. This is pretty awesome for a low-budget recording setup where you need need to move around (perhaps to capture what is in the background) but don’t have a buddy there to hold your camera. Even if you did have a buddy nearby, chances are the Swivl will produce a picture with a bit less shakiness. The Swivl comes with a small clip that attaches to the subject so that the devices knows where/how fast to track. Pretty ingenious. Check out the rest of this collection to see what else I found.

A James Bond Kit Collection


Of course I couldn’t resist creating a kit of fun James Bond-like gadgets. I call it the James Bond Kit collection. It’s for all those big kids out there who want to be spies. Or just act like spies. Or just own something I spy could theoretically use if he didn’t have any of his agency-issued gear on-hand. You get the pictures. This collection features stuff like a thermal imaging camera (pictured above), a biometric fingerprint scanner for securing the premises, a smartphone case with a hidden compartment, a video surveillance system for keeping an eye on a location remotely, a drone capable of recording video from the air and a GPS heads-up display for the windshield of your car so you don’t have to take your eyes of the road while being pursued among other items.

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