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As a rule I’m not much of a fan of “rugged” or “extreme” iPhone cases, but I’ll make an exception for Urban Armor Gear’s Navigator case. Truth be told, I’m not much for iPhone cases at all—I think they cover up the iPhone’s incredible beauty and I resent the added bulkiness (until I drop my phone at which point I’m reminded of how happy I am my phone isn’t naked).

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Since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came out I’ve been slowly but surely testing what I thought were the best looking iPhone cases. Reviewed so far: the Incipio NGP, the Griffin Reveal, the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case, the Maple iPhone case from Grovemade (which is beyond awesome).

One of my complaints about “rugged” cases in the past is simply that they don’t look great. Because they are so big, they are very noticeable; the opposite of disappearing into the background. But the UAG Navigator (or Aero, Maverick or Outland—each color choice has a difference name) looks good for what it is; a rugged, more protective iPhone case than those I have reviewed thus far. The white of the Navigator is bright and is a good match for my white iPhone 6 Plus.

But compared to the Grovemade iPhone case it actually feels a bit less bulky. Additionally, bulkier headphone cables easily fit/work with the UAG case (an issue with the Grovemade case).

All ports are easily accessible, though the sound mute button could be a tad simpler to get to. The volume and power/sleep buttons are, like many rugged cases, covered by the Navigator and are quite clickable—although the clicks aren’t quite as satisfying as the Grovemade case.

Hardcore phone protectors will appreciate the included screen protector. I prefer to go sans-screen protector, but it’s nice to have as an option depending on how you use your phone and what you’re getting into.

My favorite feature on this iPhone case is probably the grips located on the sides. It makes holding the phone easier and more snug.

Cleverly, the mirrored Apple logo on the back of the iPhone is not completely covered by the case meaning you can still use it (kind of) to see and position yourself if the rear-facing camera is aimed your way.

The quality of this case is solid although like every plastic iPhone case I have tested thus far, there are slight defects if you pay close enough attention, but certainly not enough to turn a person off from making this purchase—it’s really more of a nitpick than anything else.

If you are looking for a rugged iPhone 6/6 Plus case alternative to the Otterbox Defender (personally I strongly dislike that design—any case designed to fit a holster has no business in the lives of anyone under 40), the UAG Navigator is a good bet. It certainly looks better in my opinion; you could safely call it a more dapper rugged iPhone case.