GYMLE iPhone 6 Plus (Vintage) Wallet Case Review

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There something about wallet phone cases that gets me every time. I’m a huge sucker for them. I think it’s the possibility of combining two items into one that gets me so excited. For one thing if you have your phone—which I never leave home without—then you’ve got your wallet; forgetting your wallet is a thing of the past with this type of iPhone case. So in that way a wallet case is super convenient.

But by the nature of the beast there are also some drawbacks; taking pictures of our video or even just browsing the web can be much more cumbersome. But there’s no such thing as a perfect iPhone case; at the end of the day it just comes down to what you need and when and what you’re willing to put up with or sacrifice.

And that leads me to the GYMLE iPhone 6 Plus wallet case. The review unit I tested happened to be the vintage variety; all that means is that it has a bit of a different style to it.

This case is a sturdy, well-designed wallet, stand and case combination. It can fit in your pocket although it’s very big and bulky. With a few minor gripes it’s everything you expect and look for in an iPhone 6+ wallet case.

I really like the design of this case. The brown leather looks good as does the gold trim. The stitching is all even and overall it feels very solid. After a couple of days of use a few tiny threads have frayed just a bit, but that’s pretty typical for a case like this in my experience. When you have something leather with stitches that you use frequently and on a daily basis you have to expect some here wear.


In terms of usability there are three slots for credit cards and one slot for a photo ID on the inside left of the case. There’s also a cash pocket underneath of those.

The iPhone stand feature works pretty well but it takes a few uses to really break in. The first couple of times I used it the phone slipped a bit and I had to keep setting it back up. Now that’s not an issue at all.

I have to say I really like having a built-in stand with this case. As you can see from the previous iPhone six case reviews I’ve written, this was a feature that all of them have a lacked up till now. But while the standard feature is convenient sometimes, it can really get in the way others. Trying to type on the phone while it’s in this case is a bit tough because it flops around a bit as the plastic that holds the phone it is only half connected to the wallet itself. Needless to say it takes some getting used to but it’s usable with some practice.

But this case is enormous. It adds so much bulk to the sleek iPhone but it’s almost a shame. If you were to stack for iPhone 6’s on top of each other that’s about how thick this case is when holding the iPhone and some cards. I did get it to fit in my pockets but it really stands out; some people might be self-conscious of this especially when they’re sitting down.

In the past I owned the BookBook iPhone case and wallet combo from Twelve South. As far as I know they basically invented the look of a book-type iPhone case and wallet combination. Aside from the gripes that I mentioned in the second paragraph of this article (which affect any phone wallet case combination), I can say that I genuinely loved my BookBook case. There’s no doubt that feature-for-feature the Twelve South product as the GYMLE case beat; it holds more cards and you can separate the case from the wallet if you needed. But this GYMLE case is also half the price which is actually a compelling feature in and of itself.

If you’re looking for a nice iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus) wallet/ case combination that’s cheaper then the BookBook from Twelve South but still looks and feels really nice, I’d certainly give this case and try.

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  • Mine is a similar case, looks like a book.
    I carry my Drivers licence, a credit card and an eftpos card and some cash.
    My shirt front pocket is where I normally carry unless I have a suit on and then in the indside top pocket. Mike

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