Halo Board Carbon Edition Electric Skateboard: An Excellent Boosted Dual+ Alternative

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I’ve been a fan of electric skateboards since my very first ride. Well, before my very first ride, actually. The idea of a rolling board with wheels attached to an electric motor excites my inner snowboarder. You see, growing up near the mountains, it’s only natural to surf the snow. But the snow doesn’t last and I can’t get to the mountains on my lunch break. Hence the appeal of surfing the pavement. Hence the appeal of an electric skateboard.

I’ve ridden several electric boards in the last few years. Some have been nice and others have been disappointments. None has impressed me like the Halo Board Carbon Edition which I’ve been testing and having a blast with over the last week.

The Halo Board Carbon Edition doesn’t feature a traditional wood deck. Instead, it’s comprised of Japanese carbon fiber which the company promotes as indescribable. Without a doubt carbon fiber is an incredibly tough material and that’s a welcome feature. My old Arbor board has a split nose from running into one too many curbs and it was made of… wood.

Honestly I love the look of this thing. It’s not trying to be anything else: you won’t find orange wheels here. Instead, the all-black look carves out a unique aesthetic (one which I can’t help thinking a ninja would also approve of).

When viewed from the side it’s easy to see how sleek this beast is. You won’t see bulky battery packs, exposed wiring or anything ugly sticking out or clinging on. Every component lives hidden away and out-of-sight which I think most people will feel is a major bonus. This also means there’s ample clearance for going over large bumps.

One of my favorite features on this board is the handle on the back. I love braking, waiting until the board has almost come to a stop, popping off and letting it roll by a bit before snagging it by the handle. It’s a great way to transition into walking and going wherever it is that I’m going next. Plus, the length of the board seems to be perfectly designed for an adult to carry the board without it dragging on the ground.

Up until this point I’ve mostly just described the way this board looks. The design alone makes this board worth considering, but the performance is as good as the best boards out there (at ...

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