Halo: Spartan Strike Review—Halo Comes To iOS

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I’ve been a fan of the Halo series ever since the original game came out. That was back when I was in college and many a class was skipped for a good Halo session. As life progressed and I had less and less time to play video games, I weaned myself away from what I consider to be the best, most fun video game ever made. Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 was the last version of Halo I played until Halo: Spartan Strike came out for iOS. So there’s a bit of background for you.

When I saw a Halo game featured in the App Store I was immediately intrigued. I had to try it out. Oh, this game costs $5.99? Isn’t that a bit steep for an iOS game? Didn’t matter: this was Halo. I hit download.

What I found was a game that surprised me in a couple of ways. It was Halo, but it wasn’t. In an unexpected way, I came to respect it as a fun, adequately-deep and fantastically-designed game—though it was far different from the Halo experience I had fond memories of and was missing some of my favorite elements.

Halo: Spartan Strike was not the iOS version of Halo I was hoping for. To be honest, I had hoped for a FPS version of the game rather than a top-down shooter. There have been plenty of games that have tried to be Halo for mobile—the N.O.V.A comes to mind—but they didn’t deliver the Halo experience. And after a few minutes of playing Halo: Spartan Strike, I was a bit worried that this game would miss the mark as well.

A tank under fire.
A tank under fire.

For starters, there’s no Master Chief and no Cortana. You’re still a spartan and there’s still a Cortana-wanna-be female-voiced character guiding you through the game—but these feel like cheap replacements. Why not just stick with the originals?

And then there’s the gameplay: first-person has been scrapped for a birds eye view of the battlefield. Again, I was disappointed with this, but only at first. As I let this new version of Halo have a chance to win me over, I warmed up to it fairly quickly.

So if you’re thinking about buying this game don’t go in with any misconceptions. This isn’t the Halo gameplay you are used to. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun in it’s own ...

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