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Hamish Shephard is co-founder of HelloFresh, which delivers recipes and their farm-fresh ingredients to cook healthy meals in under 30 minutes.


Recognize the differences in your team’s personalities and adjusting your leadership style accordingly.


When we innovated our HelloFresh packaging so it was self-refrigerating, allowing shipping fresh perishable ingredients through traditional delivery mechanisms for the first time. This changed our model from being able to deliver to people within 50 miles of our warehouse to 250million Americans across the country.


It may be a cliche, but word of mouth is key to the growth of HelloFresh and previous companies I have been involved with. Your best customers are your best marketing channel so long as they are engaged, vocal and you appreciate them.


Having a team of chefs in our team mean that constant flow of delicious food alone will persuade most people!


Our kind friends and family were the first customers of HelloFresh. Packed in one of our apartments and delivered via the subway, they became our taste-testers, brand-advisors, proof-readers and very first advocates.

Being the innovator of the recipe-kit concept in America, we were fortunate to receive some fantastic PR in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Esquire, Huffington Post amongst others, which gave us an incredible kickstart.


The best investment you can make is training your team.


The majority of our PR was triggered through a cunning way to get editors attention. Still one of our inside secrets, a recent drop-off we did to 100 top journalists managed to get over a 50% response rate.


I still have not lived down Forbes describing me as a “Farmboy” in a recent article.

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