Henge Gravitas iPad and iPhone dock review

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Tired of undocking your iOS device only to find that it hasn’t undocked and that you’ve got to stop everything and use two hands to pry the device from the dock? I’ve got just the dock for you.

The Gravitas iPad and iPhone dock from Henge ($69) is colossal. Not in terms of it’s footprint on your desk, but it terms of it’s weight. At 2.5 pounds, it’s made of a dense zinc alloy with one goal in mind: making sure your iPad and iPhone stay put. In theory, this makes it easier to remove your iOS device one-handed. I’ll let you know how it works shortly.

That’s not the only thing that makes Gravitas unique, of course. It comes with a few different inserts that make it compatible with most slim iPhone cases. Gravitas works with all current-gen Apple devices using the Lightning adapter and there’s also a 30-pin version for older gadgets.

What upgrades the Gravitas from a humble stand to a powerful dock is that it’s got an included USB port so you can charge your device while you stare at it. Just above the USB port is an audio-line out port so you can listen to audio on high-quality external speakers (although you might as well buy an awesome Bluetooth speaker like the Nude Audio Move L or the Revo Superconnect because extra wires are evil).

One very compelling reason to buy this dock over others is that future devices are already supported. Henge plans on manufacturing new inserts for future devices to ensure that your Gravitas dock will always be current.

So how does it work?

It is indeed easier to remove devices from the dock one-handed. Aside from that, I love the extra weight anyways. It feels substantial and more like a luxury item, somehow. Probably because it’s not made out of cheap plastic or dainty wood. There’s nothing low-quality about this dock.

The docking function does work nicely. The main reason for this of course is to charge your device (because I don’t know about you but I sync all files wirelessly). As long as you need to recharge your device, it might as well be nice and accessible and it definitely is when seated upon the Gravitas. The viewing angle seems nearly perfect, at least on my desk.

Finally, I like the look of this dock. It’s cool and classy and nicely compliments the MacBook Pro and Apple Cinema Display sitting next to it on my desk.


If you’re looking for an iPhone or iPad dock with sharp looks and a truly unique “extra” feature—the ability to remove devices one-handed and with less hassle—the Gravitas from Henge is the way to go. It will be a great addition to any office—whether at home or at work. It’s hard to stand out in the world of iOS docks, but the Gravitas does so with extra functionality and an extra-small footprint.

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