Hi-tech hotels: the future, or just weird? JustFly investigates

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In today’s society, we’ve adapted and integrated technology more quickly in our lives than ever before. From our handheld smart devices, to different personal robotic assistance beginning to fill our homes, it seems that we’ve become more dependent on our tech toys than ever before. Though this tech-centric lifestyle is compatible for most, when it comes to the travel scene, most opt to unplug while abroad. But what happens when our tech-getaways suddenly become an entrance into a world where even hotel staff are becoming automated (and animated) robots?  JustFly reviews the world’s top tech hotels to see if they’re really that cool, or just pretty weird.

First on the list, The Henn na Hotel in Japan (or otherwise known as the weird hotel, coincidence? We think not). For those who’ve never heard of this place before, it’s a state of the art run facility where guests are greeted by English-speaking female humanoids with blinking lashes, or even a Jurassic-park inspired raptor with a tiny little concierge hat. Luggage is transported to your reserved rooms by an automatic porter, and the process is almost completely automated at the push of a single button. As part of an amusement park, the hotel also promotes facial recognition systems in order to validate a guest’s reservation, or even allow them access to their room. This entire hotel truly pushes the envelope of what’s possible for robotic advancement in the hospitality industry. On a scale of really cool, futuristic hotels to just plain creepy, the Henn na hotel comfortably sits at a “Obviously-something-you’d-find-only-in-Japan” cool.

The Yotel in New York is the next one on our list. Located conveniently in the Time Square area, it’s natural that this hotel needed to up its game in the heart of the city that never sleeps. Coincidentally, it doesn’t seem like their concierges need to either, as they’re also robotic. Much unlike the Henn na hotel in Japan, guests are greeted by the a self-check in concierge desk, or a real human, depending on their preferences. Boasting a “24/7 Mission Control Service” (a service dedicated in guiding tourists and guests of the hotel around the must-see’s of NYC), and free Wi-Fi (obviously), the hotel is definitely up there when it comes to its cool tech factor. On the JustFly scale, this hotel ranks somewhere in the area of original Spy Kids-kind of cool.

Blow Up Hall 5050 is just as much tech as it is an interactive art hotel. Offering traditional services like restaurant bars, cafes and lounge space, the hotel is also distinctly unique with the way it greets its guest upon arrival: projecting images of the guests entering the hotel onto walls similar to surveillance shots, this is definitely not a hotel you’ve seen before. At the hotel, guests aren’t provided with keys to enter their rooms, rather, are handed iPhones upon check-in that use digital recognition to enter their rooms at their leisure. Talk about convenience: imagine never losing your hotel keys again! This hotel definitely screams hipster, but is also really cool. 

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