Hmmm Debuts Personality-Based Sharing, Targets Facebook Lists and Google+ Circles

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Hmmm is a new take on social sharing that flips the concept of “lists” and “circles” on its head by giving users the ability to create different Avatars based on the context of what they’re sharing and whom they’re sharing it with. I asked Archana Patchirajan, a cofounder who has a background in software programming and mobile development, how Hmmm’s personality-based sharing differs from current mobile products and ecosystems. Social media professionals and personal users alike will both be interested in the insights she has to offer.

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How does Hmmm differentiate itself from other new and established social products on the market? What really sets it apart?

The sharing we are able to do on today’s social networks is not at all similar to the sharing we do in real life. As a result, we are experiencing a current stage of saturation where what we share is highly dependent on who has access to it. With that said, this oftentimes means we share less since many updates may be irrelevant to some of the members in our mass following. In addition to these flaws, we have no means available to learn from our past social media data.

Hmmm aims to solve the aforementioned problems by giving you a platform to share just as you would in the real world, granting you the freedom to express yourself as you would to your friends, co-workers or family in real life. And through your selective social sharing with Hmmm, its inference engine learns about you and gives you back a meaningful story.

How is personality-based sharing different from Google+ Circles, for instance, and what makes it superior in your opinion?

Facebook Lists and Google + Circles have already proved very ineffective for selective sharing. Reasons? The whole design is quite cumbersome, and it’s just not a very natural way to share. Our brain is not naturally programmed to think in the form of just one “I” interacting with multiple circles or lists. This is personalization completely backwards; like dipping your soup inside the crackers. With ‘circles’ or ‘lists’, the perception flows from outside-in whereas with Hmmm Avatars it flows from inside-out. It is very subtle but just so natural.

In real life, we all wear different personae based on whom we interact with. The minute you step into your workplace, your tone, mannerism ...

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