House of Marley Rebel BT Wireless Headphones Review

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I do a lot of headphone reviews and honestly I’ve gotten a lot pickier about which headphones I will and won’t review. The House of Marley Rebel BT wireless headphones were headphones I couldn’t resist for a few reasons.

First, the last pair of Marley’s I reviewed were pretty popular and people really seemed to be interested in them. Second, the price and features seemed like a great combo. Finally, I think it’s cool that this company cares about the environment (and has for a long time).

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But whatever the reasons, I’m SUPER glad I decided to check these out. These are some of my all-time favorite headphones and I’m going to have to buy another pair because my wife wants to steal the review pair from me!

So, sound. It’s great. Not just great for headphones that cost under $100. Great period. Okay, not as great as $800 headphones, but still, great. These headphones can get VERY loud and have extremely satisfying bass that doesn’t drown out mids and highs.

At 50% volume there’s almost no sound leakage. You’ve got to get it up to around 75% for the sound leakage to be significant and really noticeable (and remember, these get louder than a lot of headphones, so 75% on these might be like 90% on others).

On things that is awesome about these is just how light they are. There’s not a lot to the build (and I like that minimalism) but the metal that is used for the frame is anything but heavy. Still, it’s got a decent amount of give (but I wouldn’t call it bendy by any means) and it feels really sturdy. All that AND light? Pretty cool.

Speaking of the headband, you might notice there’s not a lot of padding there; just a thin layer that has almost no give to it at all. It’s so thin you almost wonder what’s the point? And that kind of is the point: these headphones are so light you don’t need any padding on the headband, really. There’s not much weight pushing down on your skull.

Something that’s kind of unique is that the earpieces are permanently turned in at a slight angle. When I first saw them I thought that might cause some comfort issues, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they fit really well and that ...

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