How Do The Things You Carry Around Stack Up Against Other People’s Stuff?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of things other people carry around with them everyday? Luckily for you there’s a site called Everyday Carry that shows you what other people carry around with them at any given time. I absolutely love this site because it’s such an intriguing window into not only the pockets of the other interesting people but their lives as well.

If you think about it the contents of the persons pockets or bag can tell you a lot about the person carrying them. What they do, how they do it, what kind of things they are into—or not—that kind of thing. Like me for instance—if you took a look at what I carry around you find out that I’m a big Apple fan. It also find out that I’m a technology blogger and video producer. If you did the same kind work as me you probably be pretty interested in the tools I’m using. And even if you didn’t it still be interested by the story told by my items.

That’s the idea anyways.

You’ve probably seen “pocket dumps” in your favorite magazines before. It’s where a person empties all their stuff out, arranges it neatly and then explains what they’ve got and what they do with it. That’s exactly what you can expect to see on an article like this one which shows a self-employed person’s “everyday carry.”

I love this site so much I even included it in my list of the top 100 blogs and websites of 2015.

Check out Everyday Carry here.

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