How Instagram’s latest update will change the way you use it?

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The Newest Feature of Instagram will absolutely change the way you use it. Normally, people use this photo sharing app to showcase their awesome selfies, fun photos and what not. Well, that’s about to change.

Wait, what?

Hopefully you will be able to learn something new today, ahem !

The child app o Facebook recently launches personalized video feed and themed channels in Explore. It started rolling out a brand new look for Explore that will feature video channels. Certainly, just like his parent company, Instagram is putting an extra efforts on videos. Jokes apart. Seriously. Users can now record a video of up to 60 seconds now.

A personalized channel ‘Videos You might like’ will be seen that will collect videos from across Instagram’s global community into a flawless viewing experience. With this in mind, the explore grid has one surprise for you. As go go on scrolling through the Explore grid, you will find ‘Featured’ channels. This channel will be accumulated with myriad videos on specific topics. The app is focusing more on unique video content. That’s freaking fascinating.

Next up lets check out when and where the update is coming. U.S. is obviously the first contender to get it. The officials suggested that it will be available with other countries soon.

What Instagram basically did is it wanted to show you the best videos without completely destroying the holiness of your main feed. Winner takes all. It not only updated an awesome feature but also ruled over the users’ heart. That is to say, when Instagram announced it would switch to an algorithmically sorted feed, instagrammers freaked out, and some pushed followers to turn on notifications about their posts. But by putting more of the focus on the Explore page, the child app got the advantage of algorithmic curation without disturbing what’s familiar as drastically.

And now a word about queries: Does it have any loopholes? This inevitable question is obvious.

Yet, it can’t be observed. It’s too soon to predict and evaluate. But, it can be said that Instagram has been trying since years to periodically and gradually beefing up the Explore tab and adding Trends and places search a year ago. Still, it’s missing what seems like an ...

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