How NOT to Handle Your Company’s Social Media

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Quick, somebody call the doctor cause my social media skills are siiiiick! Depending on your generation, you’ll either view that as a good thing or bad thing. I happen to mean it in the Adam-Sandler-thinks-he-got-a-free-Ferrari way (see Bedtime Stories for more information). Your social media skills, on the other hand, may just be plain ol’ sick–diseased, unwell, ailing. Here, let’s do a quick test to determine which type of sickness you have: Do you understand the basic difference between being on social media and doing something on social media? If so; siiiiiick! If not; just sick. If you fall into the latter category, consider this post your social media-cine.

Bottom line? If you are looking for a way to shine on social media, to go above and beyond, to completely outdo your competition and to have a chance at making a real dent in the online universe (and maybe even the rest of the universe as well), this post is for you. If nothing else, you’ll come away with a better understanding of how social media does and does not work.


  1. Don’t just put your brand on social media–do something with social media. Otherwise you are merely existing.
  2. Never, under any circumstances, at any time, for any reason disappoint your audience. Good first impressions can only be made once.
  3. Creativity is ESSENTIAL. If your company doesn’t bleed creativity, give your culture a transfusion.
  4. Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to social media. Identify your audience and learn to speak their language.
  5. Start kissing your wallet–you have to put your money where your mouth is to market on social media.
  6. If you know no trends, you’ll have no friends. Don’t be “that guy” who calls Facebook an emerging technology 10 years after it emerged.

Social Media is Just Plain Dumb… Without Smart Content

As human beings all people may be created equal, but when it comes to social media managers (from wannabes to professionals and the strategies they employ), the same simply cannot be said. When I hear people who represent a brand, even and especially “communication professionals,” say that they are “on social media,” I cringe. What they really mean is that they have created a Twitter account or Facebook page for their brand (maybe they have even created a Pinboard–woohoo). I think to myself, “Congratulations chief, you exist on a social network. Nay, you merely exist on a ...

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