How to Create a Wildly Successful Blog in Just 6 Months

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The great thing about blogging is that you can create a big, popular, famous site, become well known, gain influence and quit your day job (if you play your cards right and have the patience and drive)–from scratch. It’s truly a shot at the American dream. Blogging also presents an interesting dichotomy as well: it’s at the same time easy to get started blogging and hard to make a blog successful. We all know a few of the “big bloggers” that have come before us: Mike Arrington, Darren Rowse, Arriana Huff-n-Puff-and-blow-your-house-down, for instance. But I’ve been wondering lately who represents the next generation of successful bloggers. Could it be you? I’ve decided to try to share what I think contributed to the rapid growth of this blog in it’s short 6-month lifespan in hopes that someone else might find it interesting and, even better, useful.

I’ve seen a lot of chatter lately about blogging being a “thing of the past” or on its way out. I actually don’t believe that is true at all and here’s why: aside from the variety of excellent blogging platforms and tools that continue to emerge every few months, without blogs there would be a huge gaping content hole. The internet is about content. That’s what people consume. Not everything can be said in a picture–some things need to come in long-form. So that’s my rant. Here’s what I think you can do to create a wildly successful blog within 6 short months.

Of course it’s all about creating interesting content that people will want to read and absorb, but there are a few other little lessons that I have encountered here and there that I thought I’d share with you as well. Do you have a few tips to add of your own? Leave a comment!

Pick a Topic That is Fueled By Passion

This may seem glaringly, even stupefyingly obvious, but your passion is the one asset you have within you that you can turn into real money. It is literally a fuel for your blog (or any other project for that matter) and if it runs out, your blog is over. So, long story short, if you’re not super-passionate, don’t even start because you’ll just end up wasting your time and feeling miserable.

When I started DailyTekk, I chose technology because it was always an interest/hobby for me ever since I was ...

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