How to Create an RSS Feed to Increase the Readability of Your WordPress Sites

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The internet is developing each day making things easier. The ways you carry out online business, read webpages, and run blog sites today are totally different from a decade ago. RSS feed is one of the developments that are in front of webmasters for only a few years, with the aim of increasing the readability of a website.

Many webmasters online have embraced this feature due to the plethora of advantages it offers to both readers and site owners. In the following, we’d like to tell something about it that include its benefits and how to use it.

What Is An RSS Feed?

RSS feed or what is called as Rich Site Summary is a way in which changing contents get delivered throughout internet. This is mostly on popular blogs and news sites that keep posting new things to their readers.

With RSS feed on your site, readers do not need to visit your sites to see something new. Instead, the browser automatically shows the latest posts and sends information to your subscribers, allowing them to check and download your new updates with ease.

Why Do You Need RSS Feed On Your Site?

If you want to up the traffic to your site easily, RSS feed is one way to do so. By simply creating RSS feed, many readers can find your work every time you post. Usually, they are able to see new content on Yahoo Directories and thus enhancing your popularity. As a blogger, you can subscribe to others’ RSS feeds, being able to see what your peer bloggers are posting and thus getting insight into your next post.

How to Create RSS Feed for WordPress Sites

WordPress is a well-backed CMS that comes with powerful plugins aiming for different purposes. Therefore, if you are new to this, the first option for you is to use the WordPress plugins like WP RSS Aggregator and RSS Post Importer. You can also search others from or some resource sites like WhatsWP.

Besides the plugins, there are still lots of RSS creation programs you can use to create your RSS feed that include RSS builder, Rapidfeeds and Feedity and Feedburner, among which the last one is the most popular one. You can check this page to know the detailed steps about the creation of RSS feed with Feedburner.

In fact, you can decide to register anyone of them where ...

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