How To Get Free, High Quality Content For Your Blog

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It’s 2015 and blogs—and bloggers—are more powerful than ever. Trusted bloggers can influence customer’s buying decisions. Brands—including startups—can leverage blogs as potent marketing machines. Some individual blog publishers, like Daring Fireball’s Jon Gruber, make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. There are also blogs with full-fledged editorial staffers and management that earn in the millions of dollars. Whatever your motivation is to blog, you can’t go wrong with publishing free content.

And before we get any further—stop being skeptical. Yes, you CAN get truly free, truly awesome content for your blog. You just have to know how.

There are at least three major barriers to getting high-quality, free content that you can publish on your blog.

First, if it’s free, you are probably going to have to write it yourself. Unless your blog is huge—like TechCrunch—the submitted articles you will be able to attract are going to be garbage 99% of the time.

Another other issue is that writing good content is labor-intensive. It takes a good deal of time and effort to get superior results.

Thirdly, you’re not an expert on everything. You’re probably an expert on perhaps a few topics—maybe less. While you may be somewhat knowledgable outside of your core areas of expertise a lot of research may be required to write with any credible authority on other issues.

So how can you overcome these obstacles and secure an ongoing source of Grade-A content at no cost?

I’m going to let you in on two secrets I’ve been using to create unique and useful content to share with my audience on DailyTekk for several years.

Secret Weapon #1: The Humble Interview

Interviewing people is the easiest, fastest, cheapest, most versatile and reliable way to mine the world around you for ideas that can be turned into content that I have ever found.

Consider two universal truths: 1.) everyone in the world wants to feel special and be recognized/honored as a thought leader in an area they care about and 2.) everyone in the world cares about helping themselves out.

Asking someone if you can interview them plays off both truths beautifully in order to motivate a person to become a willing and excited participant. Over many years, the only reason anyone has ever turned me down (which has been very rarely) was because they were simply too busy to take part.

A company called Influence ...

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