How Do I Get Funded On Kickstarter?

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Are you thinking about trying to raise some money for a tech (or other) project on Kickstarter? Well today is your lucky day! We asked the creative folks behind some of the most-funded tech projects on the site to spill the beans about what it really takes to get funded. Actually, we only asked for the opinions of founders whose projects were over 500% funded. So, these people really know what they are talking about. After reading through these quotes, I think it’s safe to say that nobody should start a Kickstarter project without first consulting this post.

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Come Alive and Be Authentic

Contributed by: Jay Silver, Maker Research Scientist at Intel Labs and Founder of JoyLabz.

Kickstarter stats: MaKey MaKey was 2,272% funded with $568,106 pledged by 11,124 backers.

The most obvious and yet non-obvious thing someone can do is to come alive. There’s a saying: If you want to help the world, don’t think, “What does the world need?” Instead think, “What makes me come alive?” Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. People on Kickstarter want to be part of something that makes their whole body tingle.

The other advice I have is to speak to people visually while being authentic. Try making your video without words, or with as few words as possible. Then you’re talking to an international audience, and also Americans, such as myself, who are just overwhelmed with verbage. I edited the MaKey MaKey video frame by frame, especially in the early seconds of the video. The first 60 seconds of the video are so tight that there’s no wasted time.

People can’t hear you unless you’re telling a story. Reveal that story step by step in the video in a way that the first 10 seconds tells a complete story, the next 20 seconds tells the story again but in a more surprising way, and the next 30 seconds blows the roof off the house. You can’t do that unless your project makes you come alive.

For us, the driving idea was that everyone can be an inventor. But more importantly, we want to live in a world that is created by everyone, not just by a few people. If everyone around ...

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