How To Get Your First 3,600 Flipboard Followers

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Flipboard is one of my favorite, most-used apps. The reason is simple: it keeps me informed. But until very recently, I had only been using Flipboard to read content. I was really missing out on 50% of the experience and many of the benefits. What changed? I merely began organizing content in my main feed into magazines I created and people began following them (and me).

I’ve learned very quickly that Flipboard is one of the easiest social networks to gain followers on—without paying a dime for advertising. I’ve only been flipping content into my own magazines for a couple of months and I’m already getting somewhere around 75 followers per week. That means that within a year I will probably end up with at least 3,600 followers on Flipboard! By contrast, it’s taken me about 3 years to reach an equivalent number of followers on Twitter. That’s pretty impressive.

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And I want to get as many Flipboard followers as I possibly can. In fact, for the moment at least, I’d rather get a new Flipboard follower than a new Twitter follower or Facebook fan. The reason is simple: Flipboard is driving more and more traffic to my site. I’d call Flipboard a content marketer’s dream come true.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had two different articles get a lot of traction on Flipboard. The first article, a collection of resources for designers, drove enough traffic the day it got popular on Flipboard to wind the day up as the second highest traffic day I’ve ever had. The incredible thing is that that particular article was about 2 years old by the time it started going viral on Flipboard. The second article I’ve written that went viral on Flipboard was published just a few days ago.

What both articles have in common is that they would never even had a chance to go viral on Flipboard if I hadn’t created some magazines and started flipping content into them in the first place. That’s a pretty powerful incentive to get started using Flipboard if you’re not already and to kick things into overdrive if you’re already active within the Flipboard community.

Below I have broken down the steps required to successfully follow in my footsteps. I’ve made it into a simple list to make it as easy as possible to follow.

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How To Get Your First 3,600 Flipboard Followers

  1. Download the Flipboard app for iPhone, iPad or Android device—or visit on your computer.
  2. Start following your favorite topics.
  3. Pick and niche and stay focused—in my case, I followed everything I could related to technology.
  4. Create some magazines. When you find an article you like, click on it’s + icon and then select new.
  5. Using the + icon on articles, flip only the most interesting content you can find into your magazines.
  6. You can, and should, flip articles into as many of your magazines that make sense. For instance, an article about the Apple Watch could go into magazines titled Apple, Wearable Technology and Smartwatches. The more magazines you flip content into the better the chance they have of being seen since not everyone follows all of your magazines.
  7. Flip articles daily. You don’t want to miss good articles that would make your magazines better and you don’t want to take your foot off the gas pedal. Get, and continue with, as much momentum as you possibly can.
  8. Don’t give up. It will take a few weeks to start seeing solid results. Trust me—if you stick with it you’ll hit a few hundred followers in no time. Consistency is key.
  9. Don’t limit yourself to content you find in Flipboard. You can flip content into Flipboard from numerous apps including Safari on an iPhone or iPad.
  10. Once you’ve acquired 200-300 followers, start flipping your own content into Flipboard (if you have any). Even this small amount of followers is enough to make an article go viral (if it gets in front of the right people).

What did I miss? Have any tips or advice to add? Please leave a comment below!



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