How to Hack Growth Hacking: The 6 Best Growth Hacking Resources

Growth hacking — aka user acquisition — is what makes or breaks startups. Without gaining a substantial amount of new users each week, startups won’t grow in important categories like revenue and engagement. Back in 2013 I interviewed several top growth hacking experts in a series which remains quite popular today (Part 1: Growth Hacking Defined, Part 2: Real Examples of Growth Hacking in Action and Part 3: Growth Hacking and the Future). But it’s clear that startup teams need more than just info: they need growth hacking resources. So I’ve compiled a list of 6 growth hacking tools to help your startup thrive. Whether you’re looking for simple growth hacking tips, a full-on growth hacking course/class or something in-between, you’ll find what you need here. If I missed a good resource, let me know in the comments. Good luck!

Growth Hacking Experiments Template

What if you could benefit from the growth hacking experiments (successes and failures) of 1,200+ startups? That’s what the Growth Hacking Experiments Template lets you do. It takes you through the following process: brainstorming, prioritizing, building, testing, analyzing and finally judging your growth hacking ideas. 500 Startups, a pre-eminent startup accelerator, has an in-house growth marketing team which is responsible for putting this growth hacking experiments template together. You can run it in Pipefy, “the easy-button for processes and workflows.”

Daily Growth Hacking Tips

Want a valuable daily growth hacking tip in your inbox everyday? You can get signed up at GrowthHackingIdea.com. It’s invite-only (meaning you need to know someone to get in — a growth hack if there every was one) but using the link I provided you’ll be able to get in.


AppVirality promises to be your “plug and play growth hacking toolkit for mobile apps.” It’s all about boosting app installs and user engagement via personalized in-app referrals and customer retention incentives. Pricing is free or 10,000 monthly users and goes up in price to $999/m0 for 250,000 monthly users. There’s also an enterprise option.

The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook

ROCKETSHP, a digital marketing agency, has put out a free “ebook” called The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook that contains 6 short chapters which you can quickly scan for growth hacking ideas. Chapters include: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue (and a short Introduction).


GrowHack offers some premium (paid) resources for learning how to become a Growth Hacker. You can get started with some basic courses in the $99 – $129 range. If you want to immerse your team in a growth hacking mindset you can enroll everybody in the User Growth Bootcamp which costs $3,000 in-person in NYC or $1,500 for remote teams.


GrowthTools.io offers several growth hacking resources in one directory. It’s listed last here because I hate the AppSumo splash screen, but there are a lot of categorized tools to choose from so you can focus on the areas you’re most interested in. Some of the categories include: Automation, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Paid Advertising and Social Media (but there are several more).