How to Protect Your Home Network: 5 Comprehensive Security Systems

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I just read a book called Dark Territory which described the history, and current state, of government cyber war, crime and defense. By the end of the book I realized that almost no device or network connected to the internet can be 100% secure. And that was a bit scary: if the government has a hard time keeping hackers and criminals at bay, how much more defenseless are normal American citizens?

Just like you wouldn’t leave your front or back door unlocked, you wouldn’t want to leave access points to your home unsecured either. And if you’re like most American homes in 2016 and beyond, you have plenty of digital doors that you probably never even knew you needed to lock down. And it’s not just devices like computers, phones and tablets. If you have a Smart TV, an Xbox or Playstation, a connected baby monitor, smart thermostats (think Nest), home security cameras, a connected printer, network storage devices (connected hard drives), media players (think Roku, Chromecast, Shield or Apple TV), smart lights (think Hue or Lifex) or any other internet-connected appliance or device, you’re home IS at risk. These devices represent “the Internet of Things” (or IoT for short) and in the future you will need to make sure your corner of the IoT is as safe as possible.

Okay, so you want to do everything you can to protect your home, but you’re not a super-technical person. You enjoy your gadgets but you don’t really get inside them or understand how they work. Fair enough: that’s plenty of people — especially people over 30. Thankfully there are several startups and companies bringing products to market that can help average consumers digital lives as secure as possible (the keywords there are as possible).

My advice to you: don’t sit back and wait to be hacked (or, even worse, don’t be oblivious to an attack that could be happening right under your nose) because it’s really a matter of when not if at this point. All you need to do is spend a bit of money to get a device that can help watch your back. Trust me: dealing with these kinds of problems is a lot less painful (financially, emotionally, etc.) BEFORE something goes wrong than AFTER.



The CUJO is a simple white device that protects you from threats in ...

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