How To Setup Your Apple Watch And Download Watch Apps

Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Keval Padia, a founder and CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing Apple watch app development company. 

Apple watch is considered as an amazing personal device and an incredibly accurate timepiece. Apple has made the most powerful technology easily accessible in the form a smartwatch. The watch is no exception to tell the precise and accurate time to the user, but it also includes the customization of the watch in a more context form.

The watch allows the users to communicate more conveniently as it sits on the user’s wrist to provide alerts and notifications to the users. It is a new way to send and receive the information. The user can also get connected to other users in an amazing way. There is a side button on the watch that allows easy access to all your friends. The user can easily tap to send a message or make a call using the new ways and this is only possible with the Apple watch.

The smartwatch is also a user’s fitness tracker. It allows the user to look at fitness in an innovative and smarter way. The three activity rings allow the user to follow various fitness goals all across the day, thus helping the user to stay active and healthy.

Most of the smartwatch users have never thought of how the Apple developers are doing such amazing things in a small watch. They have not imagined that how the developers have added so many skills in order to provide a great user experience. Let’s discuss in detail that how the developers have provided an easy way to setup the watch and how the app downloads work.

Apple Watch Specifications

The watch chip is custom designed and known as S1. Extra durability is provided by the chip as there are many subsystems that have been encapsulated in resin.

There is an 8GB storage space available on the watch, but there are some limitations to this storage space. Only 2GB space is available for music and 75MB is available for photos.

One more limitation of the watch is that the user cannot attach headphones to the watch as they are not available, though there is a built in speaker and mic.

How The Watch Setup Works

A software development kit known as the WatchKit is used by the developers to make the apps run on the watch effectively. The kit allows the developers to extend the behavior of their iPhone apps in the smartwatch.

Whenever a new iOS app is downloaded by the user on the iPhone, he or she gets a prompt to install the WatchKit if a watch is available or detected nearby.

In iOS version 8.2, an Apple Watch app can be downloaded even before the user buys a watch. This will make the phone ready to interact with the watch whenever available.

If the iPhone has detected a watch nearby, then the watch app will guide the user through the setup and pairing process. The user just needs to hit the “Start Pairing” button to power up the smartwatch nearby. After hitting the pair button, the app tries to take the picture of the watch, but it is unclear that how the picture helps in setting up the watch with the phone. In order to allow the app to take the picture of the watch, the user needs to align it with the viewfinder below the phone. The user can also pair up the watch manually with the phone as well if the picture of the watch does not work.

Detecting The Paired Watch

During the process of pairing the watch with the phone, the user needs to provide a unique name to the watch, so that whenever the user needs to pair the phone with the watch, he or she just selects the unique name from the list of available devise nearby. After selecting the name of the watch from the list, the two devices will pair easily.

Customizing The Notifications On The Watch

The user can also customize the notification alerts accordingly. After selecting the alert choice, the user will only be notified about the selected app alerts only.

The social connections with the friends can also be customized and this can be activated by the button that is available just below the digital crown on the watch.

Access To The Details And Features Of The Watch

There is a full page of videos detail of all the features and functions of the watch. The users can get the details in an amazing way and this also allows the user to see what is so special about the watch they are going to buy.

The watch app on the phone is an extension of some of the features of the iPhone that will be shown on the screen of the watch. The presentation of the app is a bit different than on the phone due to the size and usability of the app on both the devices.

The notifications sent on the watch can be clicked for further actions. This is the best way to make the user feel comfortable about the device.

Types of Apple watch

Currently, there are 3 categories of the watch that are available in different sizes and are made with different materials as well. The user has a choice of selecting from the below categories of watch

  1. Apple Watch Sport

This is made from stainless steel with chrome and a black finish.

  1. Apple Watch

This is made from two different glasses and the user can choose according to their choice.

  1. Apple Watch Edition

This is made from 18-carat gold and is heavier than the other models of the watch.

Size Of The Watch

Apple watch is available in two different sizes.

  1. 38mm face
  2. 42mm face

38mm size is available for women and the other one is available for the men. The 38mm version is cheaper than the other version and it is the most popular due to its price. Even some of the men may opt for the smaller size version of the watch.

Different bands are also available for different combinations of the watch. The bands include:

  • Sport Band
  • Leather Loop
  • Modern Buckle
  • Milanese Loop
  • Link Bracelet

The bands are available in different colors including pink, white, blue, black and lime green.

Watch Apps

There are a number of apps that the user can download in the watch.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • PayByPhone parking
  • Citymapper
  • Sky Guide
  • Shazam, and many more

What’s In The Future?

Apple is intending more features in the watch in order to make the user fully depend on it. The future models will include a number of health-related sensors that will help maintain better health in the future as well.

Apple watch will definitely shape the connected future by showing the hours, minutes on a spherical indicator in an innovative way.

Virtual reality is going to have a bigger effect on society. Wearable technology in the form of smartwatches will surely harness the power of Haptics to create an amazing connection between you and your loved ones.

The wearable will change the in-store purchase experiences as well by opening the doors to personalization. The wearable solutions will surely become the gateway to recognized interactions with a great user experience.

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