How to use Snapchat tricks to stun your friends (with instructions)

This article contains the best Snapchat tricks, tips, hacks, and advice to take your snaps to the next level. Celebrity snapchats are going to have nothing on you (with the exception of that whole fame thing)! If you want to crush it in the creativity department and become the envy of your snapchat friends or if you want a shot at showing up when people start looking for the best snapchats to follow then you’re definitely in the right place. Oh, and you’ll definitely find a few suggestions here you haven’t seen anywhere else yet.

What you won’t find here are tricks to save on battery life or data usage (Snapchat is a hog), or ways to secure your Snapchat account (even though that’s very important) or shady things like how to take a screenshot without anyone knowing (don’t do that).

Depending on who you are and how much you use the app, some of these suggestions may seem like awesome bolts of idea lightning and others might seem like common sense. In either case, there’s one thing to keep in mind which might give you an edge over other Snapchat users looking for tricks and tips as well: new tricks usually surface after each Snapchat update. So that’s the time to start looking for new ideas to maintain your creative edge (and we’ll try to post anything good right here to keep you up to speed).

Finally — and this is big — just spend some time thinking up your own tricks (as opposed to just searching for tips other people already know about). You never know when you might stumble across an Easter Egg or even invent some new technique nobody every thought to try before. There is nothing better than originality when it comes to just about anything in life. Heck — I thought up a couple bits of advice in just a few minutes for this post. Go on, give it a try (and if you think of something good, why not leave it in the comments section)!

Oh and in case you’re interested I also made a similar article about how to get famous on Instagram (which I bet you’d like since you’re obviously a socially ambitious person).

19 creative Snapchat tricks worth trying

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