How to Use Twitter to Increase Your App Downloads

Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Juned Ahmed, a a visionary sales manager with IndianAppDevelopers, a leading mobile application development company.

Since Twitter is mostly accessed from mobile devices, app developers have a great opportunity to reach a maximum number of Twitter users.

It is very important to make the app downloadable and it is necessary to focus on the quality and not on the quantity of the app and the content on the app should always be relevant and interesting for the user.

When it comes to using Twitter to drive app downloads, it is necessary to focus on quality over quantity. And app content should always be relevant and interesting to the users you’re advertising to (duh; it’s called targeting).

That said, here are some tips to increase your app downloads on Twitter:

Selecting advertising tools

You can create app campaigns in order to drive users to the mobile app. App cards are created and promoted to a targeted user group.

An app card is an amazing ad unit that allows the users to view the preview of the app as an image on their timeline. The app can be installed or opened within the Tweet itself.

App cards are automatically shown when the user is looking at Twitter app on the mobile device.

Building your business page

The Twitter experience begins with the creation of an account. In order to sign up, the user simply needs to create a username, which will be shown as the name of the app later on. The user profile can be customized according to the app’s design. This will attract more users to your app.

The brand ad should be consistent across all the channels and platforms.

The business page needs to have amazing content and the App card allows you to share more contexts with users, so that you can convince them to download your app. You can create several different cards for the campaign.

Define the audience

There is always a specific audience in the mind of the app owner to which the app is dedicated. There are many different ways to connect to the users more effectively. Here we mention a few of them.

  • Target users based on their interests
  • Target the users who are similar to the followers of particular accounts
  • Target the users that use specific tweets or keywords
  • Target users based on the device they are using to access the Twitter app
  • Target the global audience
  • Target both the men and women with specific messages

Decide on your budget

You can set your daily budget based on your campaign. The budget can limit the campaign and allows the user to end it once you are done with your budget.

You can also set your budget based on the value of click on your app. A paid campaign will never interfere with the way you are already engaging your followers.

Measuring the campaign

ROI is very important to measure for your campaign. You can take advantage of your campaign dashboard on Twitter that allows you to manage and track all your engagements with the users. The App cards and the tweets can be tested in order to check which one is more beneficial for your campaign. It is important to identify your budget for each app download. All the paid and unpaid engagement metric can be monitored.

You can also increase your initial followers for your app by the following means.

  • Utilizing your LinkedIn and email connections
  • Using a time saving scheduler for all your tweets
  • Responding to users who are interested in the content, similar as yours.

User engagement

It is necessary to allow the users to post to multiple social platforms with a single tap. Android users have this advantage to share anything on multiple social networks in a single tap only. The best apps are those that appear so effortless that the design of the app fades away from the user and the task becomes so easy. This depends on the flow of the app that how easy the user is navigating on the app. You should make the app such that the users would not get distracted from the app. The first few minutes are very important for you as this is the time when you can keep the user on the app for longer. If the user loses the sense of time and gets distracted from something, then it is very difficult for you to bring the user back to the app.

All the obstacles need to be removed for a smooth flow of the app for the users. The doubts that the user may have should be removed before the app reaches the user. The first screen of the app is very important and you can make it more interesting for them. The user should be shown the ways how they can increase their network on your app. This will make the user feel comfortable about the app.

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