The HP Pavilion x360 is a laptop/tablet for college students on a budget

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Wondering whether or not you should buy an HP Pavilion x360 convertible PC? This won’t be a full review, but instead I’m going to tell you about this 2-in-1 device’s top features. If you’re not familiar with the x360 ($399), it’s a hybrid Windows 8 device that’s part laptop and part tablet. It seems positioned as a good budget device for high-school or college students. Here’s what you might like about it.


HP describes this device as a convertible and they mean what they say. By adjusting the screen position, something that’s pretty easy to do, you can achieve four different “modes.” The notebook mode is what you would do for traditional (probably mostly work related) stuff like typing. Tent mode and stand mode are both actually ways to stand the device up. Both of these modes are probably best suited to a more passive viewing experience since they make typing tricky. Finally, the tablet mode will put the touchscreen front and center. You’ll be happy to know that while the device is in tablet mode, the keyboard buttons aren’t pressable.

Beats-powered audio

If you are looking for a tablet but don’t want to buy a keyboard or stand as accessories, this may be a good alternative.

When it comes to media, you’ve got to have decent audio and it’s hard to go wrong with Beats (so the Apple acquisition would seem to say). In testing the audio I can’t say it was the loudest I’ve ever heard on a mobile device, but it you look at it from a tablet perspective, it’s pretty decent. Even when turned all the way up there wasn’t any annoying rattling and it didn’t sound like anything was about to be blown.

HD webcam

Since Apple introduced Facetime a few years back, more people are expecting to communicate via video. If, for instance, you are  a dorm student living hours away  from your family, wouldn’t it be nice to communicate with them face to face (well, as face to face as is possible)? And if you’re going to communicate it might as well be done in high definition. Just pop the x360 into stand mode and talk away.


No, this device isn’t a luxury notebook or tablet, but it’ll allow a student or anyone on a budget to get the work and relaxation they need done with a bit of flair. If you’re looking for a colorful (non-bland) design with better-than-average audio, a touchscreen and some flexibility, you may want to give the x360 a try. Also, if you are looking for a tablet but don’t want to buy a keyboard or stand as accessories, this may be a good alternative (though I can’t say it’s as portable as a stand-alone tablet).

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