HTC One X+

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Are you looking to upgrade your mobile photo and video experience? Check out the HTC One X+  ($199 with a 2-year ATT contract), a smartphone that delivers sharp images (see sample below) and crisp videos: it’s hard to believe such a thin and light device can produce such impressive output. Built-in camera filters and effects, including a handy auto-edit feature, make perfecting your pictures quick and enjoyable. I have to say, as an avid iPhone user, I found a few features on the HTC One X+ camera that blew the iOS camera out of the water; one such feature was the dual camera buttons (one for photos and one for videos) that are displayed side-by-side in the camera app. This means no annoying switching between one or the other. If you prefer a bigger screen, are an Android enthusiast and enjoy snapping great pictures on the go, the One X+ may be worth a look.

A beautiful sunset captured with an HTC One X+.

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