I Feel Like I’m Watching Apple Disintegrate (Update)

Update: Check out this article for more background info.

It came to my attention today that Apple owns this patent that allows the Camera in my iPhone to be disabled. The exact language that bother me is “disable a function of the device.” Why? Let’s say I am at a concert or filming a police officer brutally beating a citizen… this patent essentially allows for a third party (record label/musicion, police department) to disable my camera. That’s worth repeating… someone else can turn off my camera. Apple’s patent allows for the built-in ability for someone to squash my freedom. I’m getting sick of linking to a previous post our Think Tank panel weighed in on called Is Apple’s Magic Officially Gone (and regular readers are probably sick of seeing it linked to as well), but seriously, all signs are beginning to point to an Apple that is rotten at the core. Steve Jobs would never have done this–he had a knack for knowing what consumers would or wouldn’t want… but this seems like an easy thing to spot–why would any consumer want this? On the radio I heard about a guy who is keeping his old iPhone just to avoid this feature.

Apple?! Wake up… I don’t want to live in a world where Apple is lame.