I Found It: The Most Useful iPhone App Of All Time

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I found an app I’m willing to call the most useful iPhone app of all time. It’s called Drafts. No, I wasn’t paid to write that.

I love Drafts. No, I mean I really, really LOVE it. It’s brilliant. It makes working faster, easier, better… but most of all: faster.

Let me add a breath of clarification: Drafts, on it’s own, is “pretty useful.” But when used in combination with other productivity apps I use on the daily, like Mail, Evernote, Messages, various social networking apps, and anything I type or add text to, it transforms into “the most useful iPhone app of all time.”

Did I already mention how much I love it? I did? Well let me mention it again: I LOVE THIS APP.

One of the biggest reasons I love it is that it makes saving notes to Evernote easier than using the Evernote app itself.

A large portion of my life runs on Evernote. And the Evernote iPhone app is nice, but… I’m always frustrated by how slow it is to enter in a simple bit of information. Even with the Evernote notification center widget in iOS 8, it takes way to long to open the app, select a new note type, give it a title, etc.

Drafts does away with all of that clutter. The app itself loads quick and then BOOM: just start typing. I don’t even have to save it. If I type a note and the phone goes to sleep… and I open up the app again: BOOM! I can just start typing again.

Each note is saved as a draft, automatically (hence the name). Want to export a note to Evernote? One click. Same with Dropbox. Same goes for Twitter, Facebook, email, texts…

As if that wasn’t cool enough, it includes Markdown support.

I don’t even need to say anymore. But I will.

Drafts is so useful to me that it’s THE go-to app for text entry. Part of the reason it’s my go-to app goes beyond functionality to design.

This app is beautifully minimal. Not just minimal. There’s a difference. As a designer myself I can say I love it’s simplicity. I love the font. I love the whitespace. I love that it has exactly the features I want and NO more (such as character and word count).

But I haven’t even gotten to the craziest, coolest part about this app: actions. I can choose exactly what happens when I type something in drafts and click on “Email” or “Message.” For instance: when I click on “Email,” drafts can open Mail.app (the default mail app), set the first line of the draft as the subject and add the rest of the draft as the body. Simple.

In this regard, this app out-apps a lot of popular apps on my iPhone. Apple should buy this app and integrate it into iOS.

Games don’t add to my bottom line. Newsreaders don’t add to my bottom line. Complicated todo list apps don’t add to my bottom line. Getting business done adds to my bottom line. Drafts adds to my bottom line. It’s as simple as that.

I almost never outright recommend an app or gadget o this blog in such a strong fashion, but… Download this app now. Trust me. It’s worth every penny for people who want to get work done.

I’m not exagerating in any way when I say this is the most useful iPhone app of all time in my mind.

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